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About Us

Starberry is a decentralised constellation of digital creatives and tech gurus whose mission is to create awesomeness and deliver results for our clients and their customers in real estate, proptech, property finance and many others.


Listen, learn, lead, love, life and laugh - these simple keywords play a part in defining Starberry’s culture and ethos.


Rus and Ben Sellers founded Starberry in 2001 as a decentralised digital agency which has attracted exceptional talent across the globe.

Disrupting the norm and overturning conventions has always come naturally to brothers Rus and Ben. Being early adopters they purchased Apple Macs in 1984, transforming their international design consultancy, overnight.

Recognising the power of the internet, they launched a website in 1994, when hardly a soul had heard of email. Leading innovation, multiple digital businesses were spawned, including the first UK eCommerce web agency to offer a risk-reward business model and Europe's first affiliate network.

The Starberry Constellation was conceived to be a lean and agile multi-discipline digital agency. It’s a platform for like-minded creatives and technical specialists to come together and work as one. Seamlessly connected by a wealth of cloud-based collaborative tools that remove borders and encourage real-time communication. Starberry’s initial phase of digital transformation was nearly two decades before it’s time.

Starberry is powered by our experienced management who meticulously direct a team of 85+ experts. We have a vibrant culture and we are delighted to be experiencing an exciting period of growth.



We thrive off our customers' success. Receiving glowing testimonials after a launch of a new website or a successful content marketing campaign always resonates across our entire organisation.

We take feedback very seriously because we know that learning from previous mistakes and successes is the basis for us to meet our goal of delivering happiness.

What our clients say


Starberry built its foundations on good partnerships, which is why we adopted our collective name ‘The Starberry Constellation’. We comprise a bunch of stars working together, made up of individuals working under one roof or decentralised anywhere in the world.

We pride ourselves on building strong and lasting relationships, with honesty and trust sitting at the heart. We are always on the lookout for amazing creative talent and incredible tech geniuses who wish to join the constellation. In addition, we are continuously in search of the best software applications and content partners to collaborate with.

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