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Digital Content

Consumption of digital content is mind-blowing these days, especially with almost all of us mesmerised by our devices. Starberry has an expert team of creatives, professional content writers, videographers and photographers, editors, SEO team, email marketers and social gurus ready to develop some seriously engaging content and generate more qualified leads for your brand and it’s products and services.


A smart SEO strategy is a fine balance between content architecture, hard-working text and natural prose. The Starberry SEO team perform detailed keyword research and mapping to ensure the most relevant words, driving the highest volume of traffic, appear in the most appropriate places.

Optimisation is paramount from title tags and meta descriptions to headlines and body copy. We have a team focussing on Local SEO, which includes Google, Bing & Apple Maps optimisation. Our outreach team is continuously on the hunt for valuable backlinks from high authority, well respected and relevant third party websites. Realistic KPIs are set for each of these teams across all of our tailor-made SEO campaigns and every month we work hard to outperform these business goals.

Social Media

Post. Comment. Share. Like. We’ve got your #SocialMedia covered, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat or whatever’s next. Our social media strategies are orchestrated with precision. We’ll identify the best channels to build and communicate to your target audiences, create engaging posts in line with relevant trending topics, schedule a variety of message formats for maximum exposure and analyse the interaction to achieve results that make you smile.

Paid Advertising

Starberry have years of experience in carefully curating paid online advertising that boosts your brand and delivers serious results. We have a team of experts specialising in paid search (Google Adwords); display advertising (Google Display Network) and social media advertising (Facebook and Instagram, as well as Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube). Being mindful of budgets and the need to maximise the return on investment (ROI), we carefully select the best online channels to deliver outstanding results.


Email Marketing

Starberry creates beautifully designed responsive email templates that allow you to really engage with your customers across any device. Thoughtful subject lines supported by eye-catching rich content and lead magnets (calls to action) help us outperform industry standards in terms of opens, clicks and conversion rates. We carefully clean your lists, segment clients with custom fields, so they receive relevant personalised content, delivered at the most optimal time, which converts more leads to sales.

Content Automation

Pull the trigger on a powerful form of customer engagement with our content automation service. We’ll ensure users who interact with your website or meet a set criteria are automatically served hyper relevant email communications that encourage orders and enquiries. It’s an end-to-end service that sees Starberry write, plan, manage and track email campaigns, devised to meet specific business objectives.

Data Analytics

We’ve refined the art of surfacing and presenting results that have meaning and demonstrate value. We aggregate reports, crunch numbers, stats and data, and distil it down to action points our clients can understand. Our customised data dashboards pull insights from Google Analytics, social media, email marketing, advertising, owned websites, portals and many more sources. They present clear snapshots or deep dive data on how your digital marketing campaigns are performing. The results allow us to continuously report back to our project teams so we can refine and reshape content to aggressively deliver more qualified leads.

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