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The Allegiance Real Estate Digital Transformation

Standing out digitally is not merely an option—Allegiance Real Estate's collaboration with Starberry for a comprehensive website exemplifies this ethos. Launched in April 2023, this case study is the narrative of creating a bespoke, feature-rich website design for estate agents tailored to enhance digital engagement and redefine user experience in the real estate sector,  designed for the UAE property market.

Project Timeline: 5-6 months from signing to launch

User Engagement Increase: Notably higher, with a 40% uptick in website traffic post-launch

SEO Performance: Substantial improvements, with a 60% boost in rankings for targeted keywords

Mobile Optimisation: Addressing the fact that the majority of traffic comes from mobile devices, the site saw a significant increase in mobile user satisfaction and engagement.

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The beginning was an in-depth discovery phase, analysing Allegiance Real Estate's aspirations, market position, and the needs of its customers. This initial stage was important in sculpting the strategy to create a website design for the estate agent as a robust digital platform that meets modern-day demands and drives the brand to the forefront of the digital real estate scene in the UAE.

We dived deep into their primary focus on the current market and plans for expansion, noting their WordPress website and HubSpot utilisation. Their Prop Space CRM system facilitates property management, covering residential sales, lettings, and off-plan offerings. Our team discussed implementing local SEO, map pack dynamics, and Google Ads for online visibility. Strategies for enhancing website ranking and leveraging mobile traffic were shared, emphasising the significance of keywords and social media advertising to complement our website design for real estate agents in the UAE.

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Starberry's website creation process was anchored in delivering an unmatched user experience, leveraging the JAMstack with Gatsby for the front end to ensure a fast, secure, and scalable website. The new design underscored mobile responsiveness, acknowledging the predominance of mobile traffic, and included

Responsive Estate Agent’s Web Design

The website utilises fluid grids, flexible layouts, and CSS media queries, offering seamless usability across devices, from desktops to smartphones.

Key Features & Functionalities

 - Advanced property search and listings

  - Interactive maps and property details

  - Inquiry forms and calculators

  - Integration with social media and third-party APIs like Google Maps and WhatsApp for direct messaging

  - A visually stunning video integration on the homepage, inspired by the seamless transitions seen on luxury brand websites, enhances visual appeal without compromising performance.

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The website redesign ushered in a profound transformation, with Allegiance Real Estate witnessing an immediate and positive shift in user engagement, lead generation, and SEO performance. The site's mobile-first approach has paid dividends, aligning perfectly with user behaviour and preferences.

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