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Anthony Pepe

Effortless & Action-driven Web Design For An Innovative Estate Agent

Working with Anthony Pepe, we discovered that at the heart of their success was a strong belief to always offer a high-quality customer experience. Therefore, our web design had to create a powerful digital presence that was reflective of the estate agent’s quality, achieving this through developing an easy-to-use website that both beautifully presented properties and successfully drove leads to take action.

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Anthony Pepe is a multi-award winning estate agency that has been offering a quality service to the property industry since 1897. With their focus on “striving to improve standards and to avoid complacency”, they are reputable market leaders across North London & Hertfordshire. 

Our brief’s primary objective was to develop a highly-responsive website that gracefully presented both content and copy. Reflecting our client’s standard by offering a straightforward, action-driven digital platform that both simplifies the home-moving process for the user while simultaneously capturing leads for our client. 

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With convenience as the main focus, we created straight to the point web pages that gracefully presented more content and copy. An action-driven navigation menu offering only four options, ‘Find A Property’ ‘Value My Property’ ‘About’ and ‘Contact’. While the burger menu does well to store extra content within sub-headings simultaneously offering jump-off points to other lead-converting pages.

The sense of being ‘direct’ introduced design choices such as punchy home-page stats, full-screen bespoke photography for properties or CTA’s such as “click here for accurate property valuation”. Coming together to create clear, unfussy web-pages that create a sense of simplicity for the process, in turn improving our client’s brand image as they offer digital convenience.  

Some of our most complex feature integrations further simplify the user experience and in turn drive user action. ‘Locrating’ maps offer an easy-to-use filter, presenting local information through extensive filters such as transport, sold prices, school and amenities. ‘Valpal’ allows for instant valuations, increasing the potential to win instructions. The integration with the ESTAS dynamically pulls in reviews that offer a “direct” insight into the quality of service provided by Anthony Pepe. While ‘Loqate’’s address auto-complete functionality makes it easy for users to fill in their details, further improving lead conversion. 

High-quality UX webpages are supported by extensive SEO, meta descriptions and titles creating dynamic content and copy that adapts as users search in turn creating a smoother property search experience. Effortlessly driving users to take action on property listings, while similar properties keep users engaged for longer.

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Our creative process resulted in a fully responsive web platform that effortlessly drives our client’s best leads to take action. Design choices such as the burger menu or the vertical fading carousel introduce fresh copy and content as you scroll, keeping web pages clear and only ever displaying what we believe to be the most engaging copy and calls to action.

As always we created a feature-rich website supported by a strategic CTA-rich environment, important calls to actions and chat boxes latch to both the top and bottom of the screen as you scroll. Creating a “direct” link of communication that once again drives action from the user while maintaining powerful points for data capture.

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