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Arabian Estates

Arabian Estates' Journey to Enhanced Customer Engagement and Lead Generation

Arabian Estates, a premier real estate agency in Dubai aimed to amplify their digital presence and strengthen their customer connections. With a diverse portfolio spanning residential sales, lettings, off-plan projects, and holiday lets, they needed a cutting-edge website that reflected their brand's prestige and facilitated seamless user experiences.

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Arabian Estates’ new website was designed to enhance its brand presence, foster stronger connections with customers, and drive more qualified leads. Established with a vision to provide top-tier real estate services, Arabian Estates manages a diverse portfolio, including residential sales, rentals, off-plan projects, and holiday lets. To achieve their ambitious goals, Arabian Estates partnered with Starberry to develop a bespoke website design for estate agents that would serve as the cornerstone of their online presence.

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Our approach to transforming Arabian Estates’ digital space began with a comprehensive, user-centric website design tailored specifically for estate agents. The objective was to create a platform that not only reflected the premium quality of the Arabian Estates brand but also provided a seamless and engaging user experience.

Key Features and Technologies:

  1. Innovative Web Design:
    • Developed using React and Gatsby for a responsive and dynamic user interface.
    • Integrated Strapi as the content management system to allow easy content updates and management.
  2. Responsive Design:
    • Ensured the website's responsiveness across all devices and screen sizes to maintain a consistent user experience.
    • Utilised adaptive design techniques to optimise content layout and functionality on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.
  3. Performance Optimisation:
    • Implemented recommendations from Google PageSpeed Insights to enhance load times.
    • Achieved an A grade on GTmetrix for optimal performance through resource optimisation and efficient coding practices.
  4. Third-Party Integrations:
    • Integrated with Avantio feed for holiday lets, providing seamless data synchronisation and up-to-date property listings.
    • Incorporated Google Reviews to showcase client testimonials and build trust with potential leads.
  5. User Engagement Tools:
    • Designed the property search feature with filters for residential sales, lettings, and holiday lets to simplify user navigation.
    • Integrated prominently placed call-to-actions (CTAs) such as “Enquire” and “Get In Touch” to facilitate lead generation and engagement.
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The launch of the new Arabian Estates website marked a significant milestone in their digital strategy. Developed as a benchmark in web development for estate agents, the bespoke design and advanced functionalities effectively addressed their goals to drive brand presence, customer connection, and lead generation.

Performance Outcomes:

  • Improved User Experience:
    • The modern, visually appealing design enhanced user engagement and satisfaction.
    • Seamless navigation and responsive design ensured accessibility across all devices.
  • Enhanced Digital Footprint:
    • The integration of Google Reviews and social proof mechanisms built credibility and trust.
    • The efficient content management system streamlined updates, keeping the website fresh and relevant.
  • Boosted Lead Generation:
    • Strategically positioned CTA buttons and user-friendly features led to a notable increase in qualified leads.
    • The comprehensive property search and detailed listings improved user retention and conversion rates.

Challenges and Solutions:

  • Technical Challenges:
    • Addressed performance issues by meticulously following Google Page Speed Insights recommendations.
    • Ensured smooth third-party API integration with Avantio for real-time holiday let updates.
  • Design Challenges:
    • Balancing aesthetic appeal with functional design required iterative testing and client feedback to achieve the desired user experience.

Starberry's collaboration with Arabian Estates resulted in a state-of-the-art website that not only meets the current needs of their business but also positions them for future growth in the competitive Dubai real estate market. 

The bespoke website design and development project effectively boosted their online position, enhanced customer engagement, and increased the capture of qualified leads, fulfilling Arabian Estates' strategic objectives.

Increase your digital impact and generate more qualified leads! Connect with Starberry now for custom website development designed for your estate agency.

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