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Bentley Hurst

Bentley Hurst

Discover how we boosted traffic for Bentley Hurst

When Bentley Hurst needed a fast, efficient SEO strategy that would support their lead conversations with a smart approach, they came to us. We started by strategically optimising their website. We also executed paid socials and Google ads campaigns and localised our approach with powerful local SEO optimisation, combined with a robust tech SEO for enhanced performance across devices. The end result was an impressive 67.43% increase in traffic.

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67.43% Increase in traffic & 156.96% increase in organic traffic 

Local SEO:

177% increase in valid leads  & 77.91% increase in phone calls


When Bentley Hurst was founded in Manchester, they had one goal: to provide five-star rated property services to everyone.

With a talented core team of estate agents in Manchester and strategic partnerships in place, Bentley Hurst offers a full range of services: from sales, lettings, auctions and conveyancing to a full range of financial services designed specifically for property.

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To ensure the best results in SEO, our SEO experts decided to pull out all the stops for Bentley Hurst!

We worked tirelessly to get their website in the top search engine rankings with a structured approach. We developed a system of quality backlinks across external sources. The back-links not only drive traffic back to their website but help improve on “Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness” which appears in Google's ‘Search Quality Rating Guidelines’ as an SEO ranking factor.

For Bentley Hurst, we knew that the best strategy for SEO was not to focus on one single tactic, but rather a combination of efforts. Our smooth SEO  roadmap—such as strategic keyword copy and effective backlinks — were  designed to drive organic traffic while our high-performing paid social and Google Ads boost paid-search traffic. Ads that not only utilise similar keyword copy but are dynamically designed to respond to a user action, only appearing after a certain lead-action is taken—producing only the most valuable leads at a cost per valuation/instruction of £75.32 vs £611.72. 

Finally, the bid adjustments balanced out the cost for paid search, generating a cheaper ROI for Bentley Hurst.

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Comparison period

 Mar 1, 2021 - Aug 31, 2021, vs Mar 1, 2022 - Aug 31, 2022.  

Our SEO efforts for Bentley Hurst led to an impressive increase in traffic by 67.43%and 104.38% improvement in keywords ranking.

We analysed the top search results across their target sectors to rank their site consistently in the highest positions.

In particular, we focused on Bentley Hurst's competitors' sites, then improved their site based on this analysis, and this led to an impressive organic traffic increase of 156.96% in a few months. 

SEO & Local SEO Lead Gen

Organic traffic: Increase by 156.96%

Valid leads: 764 vs 197 

Valuation leads: 286 vs 46

Cost per lead/cost per valuation: £21.40 vs £81.97 / £254.20 vs £700.00 

67.43% Traffic improvement: 20,338 vs 12,147 

77.91% Increase in phone calls: 596 vs 335

177% Increase in valid leads : 100 vs 36  

104.38% Keywords ranking improvement - 466 vs 228 

Proud that Bentley Hurst has been nominated by the Negotiator under two coveted categories in 2022, ‘Website of the Year’ and ‘ New agency of the year’.

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