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Douglas Newman Good

DNG is in Google's #1 position with a winning Local SEO & Paid Social formula.


Douglas Newman Good

When DNG approached us, they wanted to rank for local keywords and attract more website visitors and generate quality valuation  leads and conversions. 

We started by identifying the right keywords to rank for their Dun Laoghaire office and local SEO enhancements and optimised their site's technical SEO, which helped increase its performance across devices. With effective local SEO, Paid Social, and Google Ads, DNG achieved rank #1 from the earlier #11 position on Google.

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Local SEO 

Estate agents dun laoghaire, estate agents in dun Laoghaire and  letting agents in Dun Laoghaire keywords rank in #1 position now. 

Google Ads

On average, €16.69 Vs €22.28 /month

Paid Social 

Clicks: 22,662 Vs 2267


DNG is a nationwide multi-disciplinary property firm with over 80 branches in all major towns and cities.  They offer a full range of services that include 3D virtual tours of properties for sale across Ireland.

The client wanted to generate more valid leads and website visits and strengthen the digital presence of their Dun Laoghaire office, in particular. 

Our outcome was impressive and gave them the competitive edge they wanted from the beginning. This means they were able to streamline their operations and reduce costs—which meant they could also increase productivity and overall results.

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We set out a robust Local SEO strategy in addition to targeted Paid Social and Google Ad campaigns. We gathered all the data, and our team looked closely at the website, developed a strategy, and focused on implementing it.

The results? Nothing short of outstanding! We saw a fantastic improvement in keywords ranking, valid leads, more clicks and lower cost per valuation lead. 

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Comparison period

May’22 to Aug’22 Vs Aug’21 to Nov’21

For DNG, we got the results our client expected.

Local SEO

Keyword ranked at #1 in Google! 

  • We improved their ranking for the target keyword ‘estate agents dun laoghaire’ from the #11 position to #1.
  • In addition, they achieved position #1 for other keywords, including ‘estate agents in dun laoghaire’ and ‘letting agents in dun laoghaire’. 

Google Ads

  • Cost per lead: On average, €11.20 Vs €13.47 / month 
  • Cost per valuation/instruction: On average, €16.69 Vs €22.28/month

Paid Social

  • Clicks: 22,662 Vs 2267
  • Impressions: 1,287,024 Vs 477,544
  • Total spend - €2575.55 Vs €4217.99
  • Valuation Leads - 11 Vs -57% Increase
  • Cost Per Valuation Lead - €208.99 Vs €758.38
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