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A powerful custom SEO for estate agents in Ascot and Bracknell: Duncan Yeardley

For Duncan Yeardley, award-winning estate and letting agents in Ascot and Bracknell, we implemented a digital marketing strategy covering SEO, local SEO, Google ads, social media and link building from January 2021 to December 2021. 

The results? Compared January 2020 to December 2020, organic SEO conversions increased by 60.77% (2,656 vs 1,652) and a 17.39% increase in traffic.

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SEO: 17.39% increase in traffic & 60.77% increase in conversions. 

GMB: Conversion increased by 69.04% (1,043 vs 617)

10 out of 20 keywords ranked under Top #3

31 local keywords ranked under Top #10


Established in 1987, Duncan Yeardley is one Bracknell’s most reputed estate agents helping homeowners, landlords, buyers and tenants in the area. 

With their estate agency operating within Bracknell and Ascot, they wanted to enhance their visibility beyond the growing competitors in the area. They also needed a strategy to bring in more ‘valuable’ lead traffic. Overall, they needed a robust SEO structure that could do just that.

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For Duncan Yeardley, we wanted a rock-solid localised SEO strategy to generate the desired traffic and leads. 

We worked alongside our client to create a customised SEO structure. The plan was to drive ‘value’ over ‘hype’ traffic, enhancing their visibility and local presence.

Our team created a plan of action that not only enhanced their rankings but also brought in more ‘valuable’ traffic to their website, which will lead to better conversions. 

We knew that the Duncan Yeardley website needed more than just content to get them noticed by Google and their customers—they needed backlinks. We designed a strong support system of quality backlinks across external sources. These backlinks not only drive traffic back to the Duncan Yeardley website but improve their local visibility as 'the go-to estate agents in Ascot and Bracknell', which appears in Google's ‘Search Quality Rating Guidelines’ as an SEO ranking factor. Plus, we ensured a high Google ranking and prevented the loss of website visitors with cross-device optimisation and a fantastic UX. 

Our SEO specialists crafted custom SEO with strategic keywords copy combined with powerful Google Ads paid search to create a harmonious and balanced approach to SEO. 

This means similar keywords copy were created intelligently as a response to user behavior, appearing at the ideal time when a lead action is taken, therefore, generating only quality leads. 

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Comparison period 

Jan’2020 to Dec’2020 VS Jan’2021 to Dec’2021

Our SEO efforts for Duncan Yeardley increased their organic lead conversion by 60.77% (2,656 vs 1,652)as well as traffic by 17.39%.

In 2020, we got 10 keywords ranked on the first page of Google’s organic search page. Our SEO team analysed the top performing keywords, further pushed results with a strategic approach, and increased to 21 keywords ranked within the top 10 on Google’s organic search.

Some of the top keywords are:

book free property valuation in ascot - #1

sell your property in ascot - #1

sell your property in bracknell - #1

relocation agent in bracknell - #1

estate agents bracknell - #2

Key SEO lead gen outcomes:

Organic traffic 17.39% more 

Valuation leads - 47.32% more (330 vs 224)

Request a Viewing - 117.74% more (1,178 vs 541)

Local SEO 

A strong Local SEO strategy was implemented through careful keywords planning that resulted in 29 out of  31 keywords ranked under Top #10 in Google Map Pack.

The top ranking keywords were:

bungalow for sale bracknell - #1

property relocation agents in ascot - #2

bungalow to rent bracknell - #3

Estate agents brachnell - #4

Furthermore, 7 local keywords were ranked under top #5 on Google Map Pack. 

With Google My Business optimisation, valid local traffic got the following results: 

GMB Conversion increased by 69.04% (1,043 vs 617)
GMB Valuation increased by 16.27%  (100 vs 86)

GMB Sessions increased by 115.18%

GMB Users increased by 110.95%

GMB New users increased by 113.05%

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