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Fine & Country

Bespoke website design for Fine & Country: What we did.

Fine & Country was looking for a way to boost its brand presence and capture more qualified leads online with a stunning website design to provide a unique user experience for estate agents and their customers. They needed a new website to boost their digital footprint via SEO.  

Starberry’s estate agent web development team created a plan to help Fine & Country achieve these goals.

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With its expansive international network, Fine and Country's referral system connects offices in over 300 locations worldwide to help customers find property wherever they are. At the same time, they connect local customers looking for homes with their ideal next move.

The client wanted an estate agent’s website design that would provide an outstanding user experience, reflect their remarkable brand quality, and boost online visibility. 

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We worked closely with our clients to develop a professional, easy-to-navigate website that would increase their exposure in a way that reflected their high standards and values as a business network.  

To achieve a high user experience and interface standard, we designed a robust estate agent’s website with functionalities covering various details:

Multiple countries and Languages: The website welcomed global visitors and needed language options for customers from countries outside the UK. 

Global and country-specific property search:  The property search filters had to be comprehensive to cover country-specific searches that cater to their extensive customer base. 

Stamp duty and Mortgage calculator: Great tools that offer helpful information to customers and a must-have feature in any estate agent’s website design

Individual microsite for agents in the network - A dedicated microsite for estate agents in their network featuring their localised content, property listings and information for easy navigation. 

LeadPro Integration for Valuations and Viewing requests for the UK: A fully integrated tool, Leadpro is built to help Fine & Country agents nurture and convert leads from various sources as they progress through their sales funnel. 

New home and Developments - Offers countrywide local site redirection based on user location.

All of this, in addition to special implementations.

Google API integration for property search: we integrated Google API to get an address to autocomplete/predict when the user starts typing the address to search for properties around the globe.

Google translation widget on Property details: Google translator widget on the property details page translates the content into more than a hundred local languages. The translator provides a much better experience for international users to understand the property details and find out more about it.

Local currency conversion based on the user location:  the property price displayed is based on the user location currency using real-time currency conversion methods.

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The final website design was an elegant, user-friendly interface tailored to the needs and interests of estate agents and their clients. The site features an intuitive design, seamless navigation, and a beautiful presentation of property listings.

This new website builds on the success of the previous version and creates a professional and easy-to-use platform that allows users to quickly find what they need.

Our focus on digital experience resulted in a seamless design that gracefully guides users across their imposing listings and insightful content. Smooth navigation, with the likes of a property search that can filter results with fine details to cover their vast locations and property types before the search is done.

Every page represents the brand well, beautifully presented properties with bespoke imagery that makes the Fine & Country website a dynamic platform for estate agents and customers alike. Every element of the UI carefully restructures itself across all devices, ensuring that no content is out of place or hidden, and strategically positioned CTAs provide a high conversion rate across devices.

Think it’s time to upgrade your estate agency website?

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