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Ian Green Residential

Ian Green Residential

Minimal Design, Maximum Property Leads

Explore how our team’s design process of combining undemanding navigation and clean-cut visuals, led to accurately portraying our client’s fewer but higher-end properties while simultaneously capturing all lead generation opportunities.

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Ian Green approached us as a premium estate agency boasting beautiful properties throughout St John’s Woods, Regent’s Park & Little Venice.

Our client required a website that was minimal in nature; due to their fewer properties. A design stripped back but still captivating users across all pages, successfully representing both the agency’s brand and their individually unique properties - ensuring the capturing of all potential leads.

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Pushing with “simplicity is key” we implemented an easy-to-use UI through simple navigation & burger menus. Subtle animations unveil brand information alongside large & bold visuals, reflecting Ian Green’s grand homes and supported through an uncluttered “spacious” design.

A Starberry focus is maintaining our client’s ability to consistently convert new leads. This focus led to individual property galleries, with bold enquiry CTA’s and a stamp duty calculation feature for every property. Alongside a conversational tool for enquiries, consultations or valuations, consistently present and dramatically increasing the chance of new lead conversion for our client.

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We achieved our client’s brief through providing a polished website supported by simple UI design while simultaneously maintaining their ability to generate new leads.

The easy-to-use navigation gracefully guides users across all devices; computer, mobile or tablet; while features such as the “smart social wall” allows users to easily filter through our client’s social platforms - in turn decreasing  the loss of potential leads in heavily flooded content.  

With key calls to action made prominent through clear and smooth animations, and providing users with the ability to perform enquiries, consultations and valuation requests at any given moment, we have dramatically increased our client’s chance of converting their online audience.

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