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Inventure Recruitment

Inventure Recruitment

A Fresh Digital Presence for a Forward-Thinking Recruitment Brand

Seb & Charlie, founders of Inventure Recruitment, requested from us a full-on digital presence that effectively would birth their vision of a “young” contemporary brand alongside a highly functional digital platform directing their audience down a solid lead funnel.

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Inventure Recruitment started out dealing only in private equity recruitment and then progressed the firm into forward-thinking sectors such as renewable energy and technology. 

Slowly but surely Inventure became a reputable source for open-minded individuals looking for roles in these progressive sectors. Adopting their attitude, we created a fresh digital presence that accurately represented their recruitment team while simultaneously empowering their modern vision.

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Kicking off our creative process, our first goal was to create a fresh brand and bring it to life digitally through contemporary design with attractive copy, backed by both subtle reveal animations and a strong colour palette. 

All branding choices strategically come together to connect our client to their audience while also selling a new-age brand.  

Pulling in bespoke media with a focus on renewable energy and tech, we not only reflected Inventure’s values but created a more engaging user experience. 

Understanding our clients' need to build relationships with energy and tech companies was what led our web design team to create dedicated staff pages. Profile pictures, short bios with a direct connection to LinkedIn profiles, added the necessary personality to this people-centric business.

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Simple but essential branding & content choices, such as prominent punchy stats with audience-focused copy, resulted in a powerful web presence that makes this recruitment agency stand out immediately. 

As always it wouldn’t be a Starberry site without some digital design flare. Strategic CTA placement maintains lead conversion across the board. While dynamic features such as ‘conversational forms’ add a more personal touch to user engagement which in turn increases lead conversion. 

The website gracefully reformats across devices, while SEO techniques boost both copy and content efficiency for a better visibility in search engines for relevant keywords for the business.

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