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Martyn Gerrard

Martyn Gerrard

API Integration For Lead Generation

Martyn Gerrard briefed us on a platform that would drive lead-generation and offer a fresh & convenient experience, improving both brand presence and digital footprint.

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Opening in 1964 with only two properties in Barnet & Whetstone. Martyn Gerrard has moved on after 55 years to become leading estate agents, with homes located all across North London.

Looking to enhance their digital footprint, Martyn Gerrard required a website that would offer a professional and efficient experience to user’s when browsing property. With a focus on creating a convenient UI, we integrated a diverse set of API’s in order to improve on already exceptional service.

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Presentation was key to enhancing brand presence, bespoke photography of both staff and property bringing the website to life. Virtual-video tours offer user’s a more contemporary engagement style with properties, reflecting on UX and in turn leading to increased conversions.  

 As with all our website designs, we wanted the Martyn Gerrard platform to offer a smooth experience that guides user’s across lead-converting pages. The homepage features an easy-to-use property search alongside subtly-animated headings that act as a dynamic burger menu. While the ‘Global Site Search’ feature allows effortless navigation between landing pages. A web design with an enhanced level of accessibility that retains user’s on the site through convenient ‘jump-off points’.

 We also wanted a user-interface hosting feature & API integrations that operated with that digital convenience in mind. 

With a ‘My MG Account’, users receive prioritised property updates, housing market news and can better manage browsed properties. Moreover, providing Martyn Gerrard, a data-capture opportunity to better nurture leads. The ‘Local Loves’ feature again provides valuable information while integrating user-generated content - through likes & comments - into the website’s SEO design.

SEO further enhanced through the integration of ‘Google Reviews’, user-generated content that not only improves search rankings but uplift’s brand presence through acting as social proof of services.

Dynamic features such as ‘ValPal’ - for instant valuations - and ‘Mortgage & Stamp Duty Calculators’ keep leads on the website with instant access to decision-making information.

A back-end as digitally convenient as front-of-house was made possible through integrating APIs. ‘ActivePipe’, allows for efficient tailored emailing to leads across the communication pipeline. While ‘Area’ automates viewing and valuation enquiries. Enhancing CRM through efficient automation that helps maintain conversion levels at various lead touch-points.

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The finalised website design for Martyn Gerrard was one that ensured convenience for both user’s and our client themselves. A professional but simple user interface providing smooth exploration across landing pages. Bespoke media adding that personal flair to the website that then reflects back on branding, in turn attracting potential instructions. 

A ‘similar properties’ feature or even  ‘Locrating’ Maps providing insight into amenities, transport, Ofsted school information and more, are just a couple of the features & API integrations that work in tandem to consistently present valuable information almost instantaneously to leads.

Calls-to-action remains prominent as our website design gracefully restructures across devices, including all features and API integrations. Leading to a digitally-convenient design that maintains user experience while simultaneously converting leads across all devices.

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