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Pearl Gates

Pearl Gates

From 3300 to 17000 visitors a month: What good digital marketing can do for you.

One of our clients, The Pearl Gates, a realtor from Qatar, is experiencing an incredible surge in website traffic, from 3300 visitors to 17000 a month!  In this case study, we dive into how we increased their leads by 10 times (30 to 300 leads a month) and their website traffic by 5 times.

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When The Pearl Gates signed up with Starberry for Google Ads and SEO services, they had about 3300 website visitors that converted to 20 or 30 leads per month.  Their primary objective was to increase their website visitors and to increase revenue from website leads. We set realistic targets and agreed to deliver 5000 website visitors and 50 leads per month within the first 12 months.

We crafted our first strategy after a few brainstorming sessions carefully analysing the Qatar market along with this business’s goals, objectives and core values. However, we had roadblocks implementing these strategies due to dependency on the client’s web agency. We hence decided to not waste our clients money on Google Ads and instead recommended migrating the website over to Starberry where we knew we could implement our recommendations. The client agreed and we were able to implement a combination of Conversion Rate Optimisation & SEO Techniques, add powerful and search engine friendly content and include channelised data-driven changes. Some of the highlights of our actions.

  • Adding a Phone Call and WhatsApp call to action button (just this increased conversions by 116%)
  • Adding fresh search engine friendly content to rank for Qatar location keywords. 
  • Creating and publishing insightful blogs matching search trends.
  • Splitting the sales & rentals listings into area & property-type specific landing pages to cater to the search interest.

The results were incredible! In 6 months, we managed to rank the website for a number of search terms within top #5 on Google

We crossed our first milestone of 5000+ website traffic and 50 leads a month and this was just the start of our digital transformation. To improve further, we needed to overcome technical limitations on the website that were stopping us from implementing our next plan. We decided to build a brand new website with a fantastic UI/UX and without the technical limitations of the current site. While the website was being built, we decided to focus our efforts on some of the weaker areas, such as backlinks, videos and social media.

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From our analysis (of the website and its competition) we found that The Pearl Gates’ backlink profile was weak. It had a lot of spammy links dragging down the website’s domain authority & its ability to perform well on the search engines. So our immediate focus was to clean up and build a strong backlink profile for the website by getting rid of spammy backlinks and building quality backlinks from websites with a high domain authority score.


Video marketing has been a game-changer in the property market and is a great way of showcasing properties and conveying the story of the property to potential buyers. Most property buyers do not prefer to read too much and engage better with videos. Our advice to the customer was to start a YouTube channel and upload videos of all types including property walkthroughs, tips and expert advice, video for each service page on the website etc.  The client not only readily agreed, he jumped on it and embraced it. This built significant value to their online presence. 

If you search for any Qatar real estate related phrases on YouTube, you can find The Pearl Gates' videos at the top of the results. The Pearl Gates YouTube channel:


Our client had been using social media to promote their business, but their in-house team wasn’t getting the results they wanted. They were spending a large chunk of their advertising budget on inefficient ads that were not giving them a positive ROI. This is actually quite common with companies new to the world of social media marketing. With our guidance on targeting audiences and creating engaging designs, their social media ads generated more engagement and increased their leads from 0 to 50 per month.

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 To take The Pearl Gates’ digital presence to a new level, we designed and developed a new web platform with lead maximization assist primary objective. The website was developed on the latest technology, with a great design and deep integration with external applications such as Salesforce, Tableau offering useful market intelligence reports for areas in Qatar. This not only created an engaging user experience but also provided a lot of value to its visitors.

 Why not visit to see how it works?

With the Pearl Gates new website, we set out to meet two key targets:

  • Double the website leads from 90 to 180
  • Decrease the spend on property portals by reducing it to the basic subscription.

What we then actually achieved after the new website was launched:

  • Restarted the Google ads campaign with new landing pages/ new designs that resulted in 2x of leads
  • 116% increase in leads in 5 months
  • 500% increase in leads in 10 months
  • 240% increase in visitors to the website (5,000 visits a month to 17,000 visits a month)
  • Search engine visibility increased from 30% to 71% for target search terms

This proves what a well thought out web presence can do to increase visibility, traffic and leads for any business.

Dec’21 to Oct’22 growth in traffic since the new website launch

Dec’19 to Oct’22 Stats (2 Years Growth in traffic): 


Embracing new tools and technologies to meet clients’ changing requirements is an integral part of how we work. One of The Pearl Gates’ further goals was to target investors and buyers from the corporate world. Our recommended solution Zoom Info., a tool that works brilliantly by identifying and narrowing corporate visitors and their locations along with some other great features was the need of the hour.


We never stop learning from any shortcomings or failures in our journey to success. We realized, after the website was launched, that we could have had a more robust internal linking architecture and richer community pages instead of a simple design with basic content. As it was a limitation for us to rank pages higher on the search engines, we ensured we put our learnings to use and revamped the entire section and achieved greater results. Now, all these community pages rank on the first page of Google.


A well planned Digital Marketing strategy is like fine wine, the older it gets, the better it is - we love this comment from one of our long term customers! It is also a comment that rings very true in the case of The Pearl Gates. When we started work on the Pearl Gates, the first few months were pretty quiet. It wasn’t until about six months that things started to tick up.  In this journey, our customers’ patience and acceptance were the key ingredients to their long term success.  The Pearl Gates has been a great client, a delight to work with as they have been proactive and accepting of our recommendations. This has contributed greatly to their fantastic results, expansion and growth of their brand visibility leading to an increase in business. We wish them the best and continued success in their future endeavors . Here’s a 5 star rating and appreciation from the CEO, Ramy Wali.

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