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Start Mortgages

Lead Conversion Funnel For A Leading Financial Services Agency

With a robust service offering, Start Mortgages required a website that efficiently guides users through complex content while simultaneously offering ample opportunities to convert them into leads. In-house control over dynamic pages alongside strategic CTA-filled pages led to a funnel that leads users through the financial process to conversion.

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Start Mortgages grew their financial services over 20 years to become one of the leading innovators in the market offering potential home-owners and businesses with mortgage and insurance solutions from their dedicated offices in Bromley & London Bridge.

Coming to Starberry they requested a digital presence that could efficiently support and present their complex service offerings, an enhanced user experience guided by strategic CTA’s and dynamic pages that our client wished to have some control over.

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Like all Starberry website projects, we pride ourselves on developing seamless navigation; for a financial services platform that focus did not change. We began creating this lead-generating powerhouse through designing an uncluttered homepage acting as a signpost to all other primary pages.

Website content such as services and information neatly tucked into a burger menu and triggered by clean animations while three prominent CTA’s ‘New Mortgage’, ‘Remortgage’ and ‘Book Appointment’ offer above-the-fold accessibility to three pages most likely to convert leads.

Our focus was also on a design layout that supported lead conversion. With financial services, the sheer volume of complex content could easily lose users, so we designed static content pages boasting multiple design modules such as image & video galleries, testimonials, news carousels, concertina reveal more modules etc. to gracefully present content and offer more information.

Simultaneously, our dynamically designed web pages offer users tailored content. Conversational forms change based on the user details submitted, while features such as the ‘Stamp Duty Calculator’ & ‘Cost Calculator’ enhance the user experience by offering information pertaining to the individual user which increases the chance for successful lead conversion.

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Our web design for Start Mortgages resulted in the creation of a true digital funnel, strategically guiding users from the homepage to the end goal of conversion. Website content gracefully rearranges and presents itself across multiple devices, while CTAs strategically reorganise themselves in turn maintaining the efficiency of lead conversion.

A dynamic user interface, changing information dependent on the user, resulted in a higher conversion rate. Calculator features offering once again tailored information and providing Start Mortgages with a competitive edge as users are not required to leave the website for extra financial information.

The dynamic design focus resulted in the integration of IRESS (financial software), offering a consistent data feed update for different mortgage services. Once again provides Start Mortgages with a competitive edge as they offer users the latest data in mortgage services. 

Furthermore, this focus led to providing in-house control over ‘Team & Staff’, Careers and News pages in turn allowing Start Mortgages to tailor information frequently and once again maintain their competitive edge.

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