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Lead Conversion Enhanced By Cutting-Edge Functionality

Strettons wished to streamline residential, commercial and auction leads under a single domain, for this, they required a cutting-edge website. 

Our experience in developing such websites allows us to uniquely select the best features and functionality to improve the user experience for any estate agency’s digital leads. 

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Strettons have offered multi-disciplinary services for over 90 years, generating the expertise to be able to advise across a range of property sectors and support buyers, owners, occupiers, investors and developers. 

Strettons wanted from us a website that could expand for their ever-growing award-winning services. A website that effectively streamlined the user experience and digitally supported leads in the process whether residential, commercial or auctions.  

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With every website we incorporate a contemporary feel, avoiding the use of an outdated user interface ensures an enhanced experience while keeping Stretton’s digital experience competitive. 

A fresh and easy-to-use experience even extending into the design and navigational elements. Content and imagery are structured smoothly on every page while copy and CTA’s strategically present themselves to increase lead-capture opportunities.  The entire design restructures itself across devices to maintain an optimal experience for the user - which in turn can enhance SEO for Strettons. 

For Strettons we wanted to implement features and functionality that carefully funnelled leads in the right direction across the three main property sectors they cater to. 

‘Locrating Maps’ provides quick access to vital area information which can directly lead to the point of conversion while negating traffic loss as they don’t look elsewhere for more information. ‘Global Site Search’ provides dynamic navigation to the user with object-specific and cross-object results, once again guiding users towards conversion faster. 

We also wanted the platform to support CRM - this introduced the integration of ‘Campaign Monitor’ and ‘Microsoft Dynamics. With both,  Strettons could better connect with leads which in turn can increase won instructions. 

Campaign Monitor has many email marketing features that allow estate agencies to better market to leads and build upon CRM - especially through segmentation. While ‘Microsoft Dynamics’ offers lead-capture form options that are easily utilised and increase the amount of information gathered for future CRM purposes.

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In the end we designed what we believe to be a cutting-edge estate agency website. One that adopts contemporary features and functionality that provides benefits for both the users and Strettons. 

Copy and content alongside prominent CTA’s are all working in tandem to elegantly present points of lead conversion to the user. Information accessibility leads to a staff search filter - which not only represents the brand well but swiftly connects a lead with a point of contact, most likely to convert. 

Enhanced functionality introducing the likes of a ‘Similar Properties’ element that can calculate the data given by user property searches and offer only the lead-converting alternatives. 

As always our website design is supported by an underlying network of extensive on-page and off-page optimisations. Optimisations that enhance the ranking factors that greatly contribute to SEO crawls.

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