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The Apartment Company

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The Apartment Company

Transforming Real Estate Success with Starberry WebDesigned: The Apartment Company Case Study

A Vision Transformed: From Dreams to Reality

  • The Apartment Company, experts in residential sales and lettings, aimed to unveil a captivating themebased website.
  • Objectives: Ignite a digital marketing revolution by delivering a seamless user experience and captivating brand presence.

Designing Success: The Website’s Impact

Shining Starberry Brilliance: Introducing the prestigious “Sirius” theme by Starberry WebDesigned.

Noteworthy Achievements:

  • Enhanced user experience for effortless browsing and smooth conversions.
  • Elevated brand perception through captivating aesthetics and flawless design.
  • Increased conversion rates, turning visitors into satisfied customers.
  •  Mobile responsiveness ensures an excellent experience on all devices.
  • Optimised for search engines, achieving higher rankings and increased visibility.
  • Streamlined content management, enabling easy updates and control.

 Innovation Unleashed: Technological Marvels

  • JAMming the Digital Sphere: Powered by the impressive JAM technical stack.
  • Gatsby: An impressive framework for enchanting frontend experiences.

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Across the Devices: A Responsive Symphony

    Crafting Responsive Magic:

  • MobileFirst Sorcery: Designed for mobile and tablet screens, gracefully expanding to larger devices.
  • Enchanting Media Queries: Customised styles for each device’s unique charm.
  • Image Alchemy: Optimised and scaled imagery, creating a captivating loading experience.
  • Thorough Incantations: Rigorous testing across devices and screen sizes, ensuring a seamless experience for all.

Performance Redefined: Enthralling Load Times and Resource Mastery

    Enchanting Load Times:

  • CSS and JavaScript Minification: Reducing file sizes for swift enchantments.
  • Image Alchemy: Compressed images, conjuring rapid loading spells.
  • Browser Caching Charms: Caching secrets to unleash mesmerising performance.

    Resource Optimisation Magic:

  • Minimising HTTP Requests: Reducing the magic words exchanged for a faster experience.
  • Content Delivery Network Enchantment: Harnessing the power of CDNs for static resources.
  • Lazy Loading Wizardry: Bringing images and videos to life as needed.
  • ServerSide Sorcery: Gzip compression and caching enchantments for superior performance.

ThirdParty Enchantments: Integration Mastery

  • Chat Conjuring: Yomdel, empowering realtime customer support.
  • Tracking Tales: Google Analytics, weaving the threads of analytical wisdom.
  • Captivating Captcha: Google reCaptcha v2, fortifying security spells.
  • Social Enchantments: Facebook and Instagram in the footer, casting a spellbinding social presence.
  • Share Spell: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp, sharing the magic of properties, jobs, and news.
  • Map Magic: Google Maps unveils the enchanting locations of properties and offices.
  • Instant Online Valuation Sorcery: Powered by LeadPro, offering quick property valuations.
  • Messaging Charm: WhatsApp, opening a portal for seamless communication.
  • Video Spells: YouTube, conjuring embedded videos for a captivating experience.
  • Currency Conjuring: British Sterling £, casting the spell of accurate pricing.
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Master of Content: 

Strapi v4 Empowers the Journe

Unveiling the Magic: Key Features and Enchanting Functionalities

  • Property Portal: Unlocking the gateway to mesmerising properties.
  • Search Sorcery: Allowing seekers to find their dream abode effortlessly.
  • Maps of Wonder: Guiding adventurers to the enchanting realms of properties.
  • Inquiry Elixir: Empowering curious souls to seek answers and initiate magical transactions.
  • Responsive Designs: Ensuring an enchanting experience across all devices.
  • Reviews Enchantment: Building trust through captivating customer testimonials.

The Journey Begins: Client Purpose and Scope

  • Casting the Spell: Creating an online realm to showcase and promote real estate properties.
  • The Magic Unfolds: Crafting a visually captivating and userfriendly website, captivating hearts and minds.
  • A Portal of Wonders: Offering comprehensive property information, advanced search capabilities, and seamless transactional enchantments.

Unlocking Success: Key Features and Enchanting Functionality

  • Property Quest: Embarking on a magical journey of property search.
  • View Allure: List and map view, casting different enchantments for seekers.
  • Mystical Forms: Interactive forms, unveiling secrets and capturing inquiries.
  • Calculating Wonders: Casting financial spells through enchanting calculators.
  • Maps of Wonder: Guiding seekers to the hidden treasures of property locations.
  • Chat Sorcery: Realtime assistance, weaving a tapestry of enchanting support.
  • Instant Valuation Magic: Revealing the true worth of properties.
  • Share the Magic: Enchanting social share buttons, spreading the spellbinding allure of properties.
  • Social Enchantment: Captivating social modules in the footer, forging connections on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Messaging Charm: WhatsApp, empowering direct communication for property inquiries.
  • Similar Properties Alchemy: Unveiling mystical alternatives for seekers lost in the magical realm.

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Unleashing Results: The Magic Unveiled

     Magnificent Growth Spells:

  • Enchanted Users: An astonishing increase of 101.14%.
  • Welcoming New Wonders: New Users enchanted with a remarkable rise of 109.09%.
  • Enchanted Sessions: A magical surge of 83.64%.
  • Captivating Engagement: Average engagement time per session increased by a spellbinding 103.64%.
  • Engaged in Magic: Engaged sessions soared by a mesmerising 126.56%.

Embark on a Magical Journey with The Apartment Company  Where Dreams Come Home!

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