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The Pearl Gates

The Pearl Gates

Data-Driven Website Design

The Pearl Gates was in need of a website design that gracefully presented their luxurious properties, strategically guided leads to conversion and a design fully-supported by quality data, as to attract investors.

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The Pearl Gates is an estate agency offering luxurious properties in Doha, Qatar. Over the years they have established a premium service that now covers sales, rentals, mortgages & financing etc.

They briefed us on a website that would both beautifully represent the high quality of service and be backed by high-quality data. With this direction we began to create a data-driven platform that would help attract investors & buyers, while offering an unrivalled user experience.

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Our first step was to create a website design that accurately reflected the luxurious quality of the ‘Pearl Gates’ brand. Users are welcomed by a beautiful video-drone shot, existing on an uncluttered home-page with information neatly organised into drop-down subheadings. A focus on bringing the website to ‘life’ resulted in striking imagery of both property and staff members, simultaneously animations creating that dynamic feel as additional information and images reveal on scrolling.

After developing a high-quality user interface we moved onto ensuring lead conversion was maintained across the site. Both an above-the-fold navigational menu – that sticks as you scroll – and a prominent ‘Contact Us’ CTA on every page, momentum for lead conversion is maintained. Moreover, with ‘Book A Viewing’ & ‘Get Prequalified’ CTA’s present across property pages the potential to win instructions increases as users have consistent jump-off points to the next step.

Finally, our lead-converting UI had to be supported by high-quality data, in order to attract investment. The ‘Market Research’ module offering data such as the ‘Monthly Property Price Per Sqm’. Next the ‘Project Scoring’ based on client assessments, displays scores for projects related to property management, quality of finishing, and other services related. In turn allowing leads that are interested in ascertaining the legit value and benefit of a property to do so.  ‘Project Rating’ pulls in CRM data to score projects in terms of capital appreciation and property income level. While the ‘Case Study Analysis’ module brings in real estate market insights, coming together to reflect brand-quality and offer accurate information to leads in the decision making process.

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The final product was a website that prestigiously represented the ‘Pearl Gates’ brand. A clean and contemporary UI which leads to that feel of a professional user experience resulting in 117.44% increase in users in the next few weeks after launch.

Bold CTA’s strategically implemented, guide users throughout the extensive but elegantly organised information. With a data-focus in mind resulting in a newsletter sign-up module at the bottom of every page, providing ample opportunities for data capture, improving CRM which then reflects back on the quality of analytics displayed.

Our data-driven design led to extra property calculators such as the ‘Cap Rate Calculator’ and ‘Rent vs Buy Analysis’ which once again provides extensive data to users. Data which can then direct leads towards the properties which are most likely to convert.

‘The Pearl Gates’ website design accurately restructures the user interface to ensure the experience is consistent across all devices. The inner-workings of SEO which include the likes of high-performing meta-data copy and subtle-backlinks boost the overall ranking of the website, triggering a 79.18% increase in organic users in the next few weeks after launch.

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