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Our compelling Google ads campaigns achieved fantastic results for Trussle

Trussle needed compelling Google ads campaigns would increase their valid leads, and they came to us. We had to create effective campaigns to target a broad base of potential mortgage seekers in the area and achieved a 58.6% increase in the value generated and other exciting outcomes.

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  • 15% increase in the number of valid leads 
  • 137% increase in Next Time Buyer leads 
  • 126% increase in Remortgage leads


Trussle’s mission is to make mortgages more accessible for UK residents.

With offices set in the heart of London and Cardiff, our customer, Trussle, is the UK's first online mortgage broker with access to thousands of lenders in the country.

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The customer had high expectations when they came to us. They wanted us to build a campaign to attract quality leads and create new opportunities for the business. 

We implemented a variety of strategies to ensure that our campaigns are optimised for conversions.

The first step was to make sure landing pages were constantly split-tested and optimised for conversions—and this is where dedicated landing pages came in. We also implemented more 'tech stuff', including data-driven attribution, enhanced conversions etc. 

Once the optimisation was all done, the extraordinary results from Google ads can be attributed to the following winning strategy our team came up with:

  • Tracking individual leads instead of averages 
  • Optimising campaigns on value generated instead of the number of leads
  • Focusing on Search Campaigns since we knew Display Campaigns wouldn’t achieve results for this product.
  • Using LPs and high intent keywords like ‘mortgage broker’ and high volume keywords like ‘ mortgage calculator’ 
  • Claims and split testing copy
  • Inclusion of a number of negative keywords to avoid low quality leads searching for banks, low value or high risk mortgages.

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Comparison Period

Feb 1, 2022 to Mar 31, 2022  Vs  Apr 1, 2022 to May 31, 2022

Google Ads

  • Number of valid leads - 9019 vs 10456 
  • Lead Next Time Buyer - 290 vs 690 
  • Lead Remortgage - 899 vs 2036  
  • MiP Sign-ups - 5099 vs 5796  
  • Cost per lead - £41.62 vs £37.835 
  • Value generated  - £151304 vs £239475.5
  • ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) from 60% in Q4 2021 to 450% by Q2 2022
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