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5 Smart Ideas to Develop ROI Driven Content for Your Estate Agent Business

5 Smart Ideas to Develop ROI Driven Content for Your Estate Agent Business

Strategy #1: From Selling To Teaching

Sometimes estate agents need to take a step away from selling and focusing on offering educational information.  An estate agency looking to enhance lead conversion should consider highlighting the ins & outs of the home-buying experience.

Diving into the property industry is a daunting experience, therefore agency’s that are able to highlight their in-depth knowledge and expertise when supporting leads, will experience better conversion results.

E.G: Infographics are a creative method for estate agents to educate leads.  Providing an easily-digestible opportunity for leads to learn and a cost-efficient method for agents to offer valuable information - that may convert.

At Starberry we know what works and what doesn’t, we take pride in being able to plan and launch consistently valuable content that increases engagement and brand awareness.  Learn how to maximise this strategy and much more by getting in touch with our content creation team.   

Strategy #2: Creative Media

Consumer expectation has grown, gone are the days when a few photos of each property were enough. In order to generate an impressive ROI, the use of creative media is a must. 

E.G: Video and pictorial walkthroughs add a dynamic element - that offers an enhanced virtual experience. Moreover, consider the use of drone photography, to capture bespoke imagery, once again elevating user-experience.  ROI is triggered as creative media supports the decision-making process of winnable instructions, in turn improving potential for conversion.

Dive into the diverse media options available to estate agents to enhance media-visibility. At Starberry we help you select the most creative and suitable media to help represent your brand and convert your leads, get in touch today.

Strategy #3: Creative Channels

An increased ROI can be experienced by estate agents who push content marketing through creative channels. By keeping channels diverse you also extend your agency’s digital reach to potential new leads -  different mediums mean different audiences, as we all consume content differently. 

E.G: Youtube is rapidly becoming the most popular platform to consume content - shining a light on the benefits of video marketing for estate agents. An SEO-optimised blog, not only offers value to leads but to your agency - relevant keywords within the content improving an estate agency’s search-engine position.

Starberry can act as a content marketing agency for estate agents, pushing content across the digital space – to source and tap into new leads, giving your agency that competitive advantage. 

Strategy #4: Content-Driven

Our fourth strategy for achieving optimal ROI results is by creating a content-driven website. Your website is the new face of the business and is where most of your leads will engage with your business. Therefore, it is essential that your website is built around engaging content that drives leads toward conversion and away from bouncing to other competitor sites.

Information that sells and influences potential instructions is also key – content produced by the likes of stamp duty calculators or other similar features. These features come together to create lead-specific content, and such readily available info determines impressions.

E.G Videos of staff, can add a personal touch to your website - which may ease leads further into the purchase process. Features such as mortgage calculators and dynamic maps can produce user-content, individually tailored to offer a more unique experience.

A website is the digital window into your agency’s soul. A high-performing website impact’s impressions on your capability as an estate agency. Get in touch with us today, to start building your content-driven platform.

Strategy #5: Collaboration

Mastering content marketing in order to achieve maximum ROI is a complex task.  After a while some estate agency’s fall into stale and repetitive content that fails to trigger engagement – however this can be combated through collaboration with local businesses. This can bring access to fresh content ideas, or a business model that may help push your content further than it’s ever been before.

Furthermore, through collaboration you have access to potential new leads from your partner. Moreover, by being partnered with local businesses, you improve SEO-visibility which in turn supports the ROI of future content.

E.G: As collaborators you can dive into ‘experiential marketing’, hosting workshops that offer valuable content and open up new ways for leads to interact with what your agency has to offer.

All in all, the key with content-marketing is to be consistently creative. Staying one step-ahead by understanding your target audience and preemptively producing content that reflects back on brand knowledge and experience – therefore your agency’s ability to help find their dream home. The value in successful content-marketing is experienced through increased brand-awareness, website traffic, engagement and competitive advantage. If you’re interested in learning the ins and outs of ROI-driven content.

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