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5 Strategies For Estate Agencies Creating An Enhanced Google Ad Campaign

5 Strategies For Estate Agencies Creating An Enhanced Google Ad Campaign

A well put together Google-Ad campaign can breed wondrous results for any estate agency. Estate agents that take the time to create engaging advertisements based on their leads online behaviour - e.g: Keyword use -  tend to experience increased traffic at a lower cost.

Today we wanted to break-down 5 simple strategies that will elevate your next Google-Ad Campaign:

  1. Understand What & Who You Are Paying For:

Estate agents should take the time to research their audience and set out clear goals for the ad-campaign. Through this better understanding, estate agents can make more cost-efficient decisions surrounding the copy being used, copy that should be based on popular keywords - searched by your leads.  To avoid irrelevant leads and only attract the most qualified, you must also understand what  you're paying for - campaign insights, offer valuable information that present the results and allow you to optimise in the future for better. 

  1. Selecting Keywords

As previously mentioned, selecting the right keywords for your ad copy is key. The best campaigns target the keywords that the intended audience is searching for in a specific location. Through the use of tools such as Google’s ‘Keyword Planner’, estate agencies can pinpoint the most popular and implement these keywords - pushing the campaign-ad in front of the more desirable leads. 

However keyword strategy doesn't end there.  Estate agents looking for an extra boost should dive into the use of “Negative Keywords”.  Selecting the keywords that you DON'T want your ad-campaign to appear for - which in turn weeds out the more unqualified leads.

Another strategy when selecting keywords is the use of the right keyword match type. When selecting keywords estate agents can choose one of three categories, ‘broad’, ‘phrase’ or ‘exact’.  Broad is generic and can push your campaign in front of a lead anytime a search phrase contains a chosen keyword but with phrase and exact, you can have a more precise targeting method - which can lead to the capturing of only the best leads.

  1. Responsive Search Ads

This strategy allows estate agents to create an ad with only ever the most relevant messages being shown to customers. Through entering multiple headlines and descriptions,  Google ad campaign’s can create a responsive ad that tests multiple combinations overtime to pin-point the highest-performing. 

The automated editing impacts copy structure also, as responsive ads are highly-compatible across devices - restructuring copy to ensure the important message is always on display.

  1. Utilising Locations

The main method in maximising the localised nature of Google is through the use of  Geo-Targeting - which simply uses location data, to push the most suitable advertisements based on locality and behaviour. By making sure your ad is always in the correct location, you ensure your Google Ad campaign is only ever shown to the correct leads.

  1.  Bid Adjustments

Bid adjustments, is a direct resolution towards cost efficiency, you always want the most qualified leads -  you don't want to be paying for your ad to be shown to irrelevant searches. The key is an ‘incremental bid adjustment’ which increases the value of your location bid the closer a search may be and decreases the further away it is. 

By simply following these 5 simple strategies, estate agents can take their first steps towards a high-performing & cost efficient ad-campaign. An enhanced campaign that will bring in only the most qualified leads - in the future evolving into won instructions for your estate agency.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you create only the best in Google-Ad campaigns. Connect with us today!

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