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Building Trust & Increasing Instructions Through Valuable Website Content

Building Trust & Increasing Instructions Through Valuable Website Content

In this blog article we breakdown the art of “Content that converts”, diving into how estate agents can maximise their instructions through providing valuable content, consistently.

Explore this Kerfuffle partner webinar that brought together Simon Whale of Kerfuffle, Rory Black of Dataloft and our very own Ben Sellers, as they talk about building trust through content, and its benefits to estate agents. Alongside the collaborative efforts of Dataloft and Starberry that help estate agents increase instructions through data-supported website content.

Building Trust Through Content

“Biggest battle for the digital marketing world and building websites is finding and creating great content that shows you know what you're doing”

As an estate agent, offering valuable content that helps users convert, can be a daunting task. Therefore valuable content cannot be an afterthought and must be planned in advance.

Whether through ‘area blogs’, ‘property market insights’ or the many other content forms available to agents, the ability to cement yourself as a trusted local property expert is available.

The ‘Property Academy Home Moving Trends Survey’, analysed & presented by Dataloft, highlighted that one of the top reasons for selecting an agent was because they were “liked and trusted”. Staying consistently valuable separates your agency from the competition, simply looking to always sell. In turn reinforcing a credible positive brand image, which increases the chances of being shortlisted for managing a property transaction.

A great way to ensure that your agency keeps on the ball with valuable content delivery is through the use of property data and local market insights.

API: Starberry & Dataloft Collaboration

“Data is king, but it can be ugly unless presented well”

Working with Dataloft, we turn websites into lead-generating machines by bringing engaging data-driven content to life. Dataloft offers localised reports and together we use API’s that allow us to present data however and wherever we want, within our website design.

For example, in some of our initial collaborations, we brought about ‘Property Market Intelligence’ stats (such as average rent or sale prices, price changes and more) for specific areas covered by our estate agent clients, on property detail pages or area guides.  

Being able to consistently offer key data, in real-time and in a digestible-fashion - whether that be on specific properties or the local market - once again builds trust.

Benefits For Estate Agents

By staying committed to offering valuable content to your audience, you can expect the following:

- Useful & localised content helps build brand trust, overtime creating confidence in your agency’s ability to market one's property.

- When it comes to SEO, search engines assess content and rank websites accordingly. So ensuring your agency has the right content at the right time can drastically improve online visibility.

- Good content will drive leads to your “single source of truth”, your website.  Estate agents can expect the chance to convert more leads, as those pulled in by solid content, are redirected to higher-converting web pages.

Estate agents that understand meaningful content tend to see higher conversions. As value meets consistency, your audience’s trust in both your market knowledge & expertise will increase - in turn influencing the winning of instructions.

Interested in making more of your Dataloft property reports or looking for a highly converting content strategy? Find out more about what we do and book a meeting with us today.

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