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Does enabling WhatsApp button on websites help estate agents grow businesses?

Does enabling WhatsApp button on websites help estate agents grow businesses?

Are you wondering how to increase your estate agency results in 2023? Then read on.

We think enabling the WhatsApp button on estate agents’ websites is the newest way to connect with your customers and get more results. It's simple and built to provide excellent experiences in so many ways: 

  • It’s available on your website as a ‘click and use’ icon
  • Connects your customers with the right person when they are browsing your site
  • Provides solutions to customers who need assistance without waste of time
  • Helps you engage directly with potential customers, ultimately getting you more leads.

With this tool, our estate agent customers generate more leads with ease, create a direct relationship with them, and take advantage of analytics tools to see how they interact with your messages.

Next Gen feature for estate agents’ websites

The real estate sector has long been used to communicating with its target audience in person and over the phone, but that’s changing now. As more and more estate agents discover the need to reinvent themselves, they're turning to WhatsApp communication to communicate with customers who visit their websites. 

Essentially, it means you're speaking as a brand rather than as an individual—and that's where things get interesting. Our estate agent customers who enabled WhatsApp button on their websites had some fantastic results we’re proud of!

How can WhatsApp button on estate agents’ websites get more business? 

When it comes to the property industry, customers want personalized services, immediate answers and up-to-date information—all delivered by a channel where the user feels at home and gets immediate responses. 

It's no secret that WhatsApp is a huge platform. But just how big is it, and what does it mean for your estate agency business? 

Take a look at some key stats:

  • 1.60 billion monthly active users—that's a lot of potential customers!
  • WhatsApp is the communication channel of choice throughout the UK - it's not just for millennials.
  • 23 average daily visits per user on WhatsApp—so your website visitors would possibly want to communicate with you on WhatsApp too!

At Starberry, our team of digital marketing experts is always on the lookout for new ways to improve estate agents’ website performance and deliver results. We know from experience that the WhatsApp chat module is a great tool estate agents can add to their websites to connect with users in an engaging, personal way.

We achieved incredible results by implementing a WhatsApp button on estate agents’ websites. Most recently, our Qatar-based estate agent, 25 Spaces, implemented WhatsApp button on their website and enjoyed exciting results via the WhatsApp chat module - their Google ads conversion rates went up by more than 500%! This was due to the instant WhatsApp chat button that encouraged website visitors to instantly connect with the right person rather than fill out forms and wait for a callback.

How to maximize WhatsApp button feature on your estate agency website?

Create your company profile with details like opening hours, location and more details of your business, just as you would for social media pages. You can even include images and descriptions of the product you are marketing. 

Build your brand identity by including features like the brand logo and tag lines that customers will recognize and engage with. 

Access business analytics and learn if your message has been delivered and read. Understand how many customers have engaged with your messages. 

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