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Elevate Your Real Estate Business with Starberry's Innovative Digital Solutions

Elevate Your Real Estate Business with Starberry's Innovative Digital Solutions

Lead-Generating Platforms:

At the heart of Starberry's offerings are lead-generating platforms designed to propel real estate businesses forward. This includes enterprise-grade websites and landing pages strategically crafted to captivate active buyers and investors keen on exploring the ever-evolving Off Plan? Market. Starberry's expertise extends to resale and secondhand properties, ensuring a comprehensive approach to cater to diverse real estate needs.

Bespoke Enterprise and Ready-to-Go Themes:

Starberry's versatility shines through its website offerings. The bespoke enterprise option caters to industry giants such as Haus & Haus, Provident, Allsopp & Allsopp, Better Homes, Dacha, McCone, Exclusive Links and many more. Additionally, Starberry Web-Designed is an enterprise-grade theme, ready to launch within weeks. This theme encompasses all the essential elements, including new projects & developments landing pages, a social wall, advanced search features with predictive search, and comprehensive community pages just to mention a few.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services:

Beyond website development, Starberry offers a full suite of digital marketing services. This spans from brand & digital strategy to SEO, encompassing local maps SEO, on-page SEO, and outreach (link building). Starberry excels in running organic and paid social campaigns across prime channels like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Tailored email campaigns targeting key markets, including the Middle East, China, Russia, India, and Europe, are part of their comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

WhatsApp Integration and Dedicated Paid Search:

To enhance user experience, Starberry integrates WhatsApp into its platforms and even offers a managed service. Recognising the significance of paid search, the agency boasts a dedicated team focusing on running highly targeted ad campaigns in different markets. This strategic approach ensures the delivery of high-quality leads and optimal ROI.

ROI Attribution and Powerful Reporting:

A standout feature of Starberry's services is its commitment to ROI attribution. The agency meticulously tracks events and goals, providing clients with valuable insights into the performance of different channels. This data-driven approach enables Starberry to optimise strategies and deliver regular, impactful reports through their powerful reporting tool which can pull pretty much any API in and curate the most important parts of the data.

In a fast-moving market where digital presence is synonymous with success, Starberry emerges as a pivotal partner for real estate agents seeking innovation, visibility, and measurable results.

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