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Estate Agency Attribution Report: a Kerfuffle Top 40 Innovation

Estate Agency Attribution Report: a Kerfuffle Top 40 Innovation

Discover what is probably the best digital marketing attribution reporting in the property industry!

We’re proud of the fact that once again Starberry has been included in ‘Kerfuffle’s Best Estate Agency Supplier Innovations’ at EA Masters Riding the Wave 2021, so we're excited to share just why that is and help you on your journey to achieving the best digital marketing ROI.

Watch Ben’s tour of the Starberry attribution reporting and its benefits for estate agents:

Kerfuffle’s Best Estate Agency Supplier Innovations 2021

Throughout the EA Masters Riding the Wave event, Kerfuffle revealed this year’s ‘Top 40 Innovations’ in estate agency, broken down into four sets of ‘Top 10s’ in these areas: 2X Profit, Leadership, Marketing and Masterclass. With the best innovation having been announced live in London on the 3rd November at the final EA Masters event.

Our digital attribution reporting made it in Kerfuffle’s Top 10 Innovations in Marketing.

Starberry Innovation: the most comprehensive digital attribution reporting in the industry

As always at Starberry our goal is to “create awesomeness and deliver results'' and we believe our attribution report does just that.

Our focus on efficiently monitoring marketing initiatives and lead generation allows us to greatly measure the degree to which your marketing efforts contribute to revenue growth.

With multi-channel attribution we recognise that customers are exposed to multiple touch points throughout their journey. Allowing us then to increase visibility on all digital fronts to secure the maximum possible leads.

Estate agents can expect benefits such as:

Accurate lead reporting - allowing you to know exactly how much you pay for a vendor/buyer/landlord/tenant lead from your digital channels and allowing you to work out your marketing ROI

Multichannel reporting - know at all times how your website is performing and how the various digital marketing channels work together to generate the leads your business needs

Detailed channel performance - drill down into the details and know the metrics that matter for the performance of each digital channel - in a single easy-to-understand report/ dashboard

Our comprehensive report is a part of all our digital marketing campaigns as standard. Want to benefit from the best digital attribution reporting in the industry and make sense of your digital performance?

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