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How Many Leads To Expect From £1000?

How Many Leads To Expect From £1000?

Today we take a look at what estate agents can expect when investing £1000 into lead generation. Moreover what to expect from a digital marketing agency in helping you achieve the best results.

Episode 7 of the ‘Starberry Vlog’ series once again brings together Ben & Nitten to tackle the following question: How many valuations can agents expect from £1000?

Estate agents must recognise that the lead generation process will always fall down to commitment. Those willing to nurture their valuation investment to ensure the best possible results.

Investment results can vary, on property types sold or even your agency’s current channel mix. However, working in tandem with a digital marketing agency such as Starberry, can offer optimum results, as we work with you in order to fine tune your “valuation journey”.

A Starberry Return On Investment 

At Starberry, engaging with stakeholders frequently has allowed us to recognise the high priority placed on valuations. Moreover due to advancement in digital and tracking technologies we can now offer a detailed channel breakdown, highlighting visitors, page views and most importantly a full marketing ROI for valuations.

As with every valuation campaign, you can expect all sorts of “spin off” enquiries that can be nurtured along the journey, but currently when working with us, estate agents can expect a valuation cost to range from £40 to £250.

Estate agents must bear in mind that typically the cost for a valuation lead can be greatly dependent on the type of properties sold.  Agencies offering high-end city apartments will evidently see a greater cost as opposed to an agency with a cheaper property catalogue.

With many variables to manage from landing page features, to social content being pushed, user interface and more.  Estate agents should work with us to plan ahead, so that we may subtly fine tune the “valuation journey” and optimise ROI.

The Valuation Tool vs The Valuation Journey 

Nitten states “it's not what £1000 can get you but what it can build up too”. Highlighting again, that results are not witnessed immediately and estate agents looking for the best results must commit to optimising their agency’s channel mix.

Initially when working a valuation campaign, the costs may vary. This is due to the fact that we haven't honed in on your most successful channels.  Over some time working together, Starberry can reveal optimal channels and in turn where best to invest your £1000.

Estate agents should consider creating a “valuation journey” as opposed to solely relying on the valuation tool itself to reveal enquiries. The key is to optimise your channel mix so that every channel drives towards valuation.  From PPC - pay per click - driving to the valuation tool, social media ads or even the phone calls generated from local SEO, every channel must work together to push leads to that calendar for appointment. 

Working With Starberry

The most successful lead generation occurs when both parties are committed to the journey. Estate agents willing to take that extra step when working with us, whether that be optimising local SEO, frequently managing citation/ directory listing or pushing regular content, tend to experience the highest return on investment. 

A healthy and committed relationship to the valuation journey has even seen us experiencing quicker wins and going down as low as £32 per valuation!

At Starberry we dive into your company’s USP’s and then decide upon the best strategic way to communicate them to your target audience. Even taking a look at the best software integrations for you - E.G: DataLoft or Sprift - that may help support and bring forth your USP, better serving leads and in turn improving the process for valuations.

All of these considerations must be taken into account when setting expectations for investment. The lead-generation process is a long one, that requires more than £1000 but also an agency’s time. If you're interested in discovering how Starberry can help create an optimal valuation journey for all your future investments,  book a meeting with us right now.

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