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How to get your website ready for digital marketing

How to get your website ready for digital marketing

In the latest episode of Starberry vlog, we sat with Ben & Nitten to discuss the key necessities to getting your estate agency website ready before starting a digital marketing campaign.

A solid website is a good start to a digital marketing strategy as the platform acts as your “single source of truth”, a robust platform communicating what your brand has to offer to an online audience and capturing the leads your business needs.

Dive into what we believe are the first steps that need to be taken to create the best performing website before or when starting a digital marketing campaign.

From the get-go you should decipher who exactly is your audience, discovering your primary targets will allow you to create the most engaging content going forward alongside an effective keyword strategy.

A solid website design can greatly influence user experience and help turn visitors into customers.
This is where design features such as primary navigation bars and burger menus come into play. If you wish to only sell to sellers and landlords, specifically then park up irrelevant information, this allows for better communication across individual pages which in turn improves performance and ranking.

Getting your estate agency website ready for digital marketing means ensuring all individual pages are efficient lead funnels. Primary CTA’s on every page strategically direct users and should be working together with optimised lead- capturing forms; we suggest open forms. Acting as a tracking feature to separate valuations from general enquiries.

CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT! Now that you have optimised your website, it’s time to  actively bring it to life with the content that you should know is most engaging for your primary audience.  

Over here at Starberry we’re big advocates of using ‘video’ as opposed to still images. So get your camera out and bring your business to life by showing you embrace the local area.

All of this content and design however has to be supported by an SEO strategy. Page-speed optimisation will help retain traffic and leads, as your audience engages easily with your website. Managing metadata such as title tags and meta descriptions and other foundational SEO improvements will ensure that your website is ranking as good as possible from the start.

All of these are recommendations that we do at the start of any digital marketing campaign. If you would like to know more about our digital marketing service and how we help estate agents generate more leads, book a meeting with us right now.

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