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Jamstack: Conversion Through Performance

Jamstack: Conversion Through Performance

Estate agents looking to improve conversion rates must continuously consider website performance. Discover how the likes of ‘Jamstack’ can maximise conversion through enhanced performance. 

As an estate agency you want your traffic to have a high conversation rate, however such success can be impacted by poor website performance. 

Whether submitting valuations forms, booking a meeting or simply clicking through properties; users are directed across many pages, filled with calls to action. Therefore a high performing site boasting swift loading pages is required. 

With today’s blog, discover how improved website performance alongside the integration of ‘Jamstack’ can greatly enhance conversion.

Performing For High-Conversions.

As previously mentioned, website performance can have a great impact on an estate agency’s conversion rates; these rates are significant as they separate users from taking action from general traffic. 

According to 47% of customers expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less.  Considering this and the many calls to action that users come across, maintaining quick page-loading times will result in higher conversion, as users are less likely to bounce. 

Page speed should never be underestimated! Even search engines like Google consider page-speed as a deciding factor when ranking websites for SEO.

Strategising with website performance in mind, potentially reveals areas for improvement. It could mean tweaking image placement for a more efficient mobile-friendly experience. 

In the end this drive to consistently improve website performance will lead to a digital environment in which conversions flourish for your agency. 

The Converting Power of ‘Jamstack’

Jamstack is a newer web architecture that combines fundamental web development’s - Javascript, APIs and Markup.  Resulting in the ability to create efficient websites that decreases the number of outgoing tasks; asks more on the client end; enabling fewer server requests and in turn improving performance. 

Some ways in which Jamstack can help your agency improve conversion rate include:

* Front-End Freedom: Jamstack allows for creative UX/UI freedom. Unrestricted by underlying themes, agency’s can frequently update their website design to suit evolving user needs. 

* Page- Load Speed: Jamstack offers the ability to create static landing pages that highly convert, due to their efficient loading times.

* SEO Efficiency: Search engines calculate with page-speed in mind. By utilising Jamstack, your agency can create quick-load static pages that are more favoured during ranking, as they are also easy to scan. 

* Accessibility: Not wanting to lose conversion due to inaccessibility. Jamstack considers diverse disabilities, offering features such as night mode or keyboard-only browsing, alongside many others options. 

* Responsiveness: With an improved UI & UX, users can experience increased responsiveness - especially those on mobile - which in turn leads to increased conversions. 

* Overall Performance:  Whether improving content management or integrating the most suitable API, the goal is to iron out the kinks. Long waiting times or unsuccessful loading , subtle elements handled by Jamstack  ensure a fast-performing and SEO friendly site. 

All in all, Jamstack offers estate agencies the ability to create platform’s supported by JavaScript, efficient API’s and Markups serving content and HTML whenever needed. Resulting in a website, built on existing technologies working in tandem to achieve conversion goals.

If you want to learn more about how to improve your agency’s website performance  or how to get stuck into ‘Jamstack’, then get in touch with us!

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