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The Digital Art Of Lead Generation for Estate Agents [Kerfuffle webinar]

The Digital Art Of Lead Generation for Estate Agents [Kerfuffle webinar]

In this article we offer insight into how to maximise your estate agency digital leads and how a full-scale digital marketing agency could help achieve better marketing ROI.

Dive into our panel webinar on Kerfuffle, bringing together Ben & Nitten alongside our amazing clients George Cobb of Daniel Cobb and Trevor Hames of Cambridge Property Lettings, to shed light on digital marketing & lead generation for estate agents.

Higher marketing ROI comes to estate agents who adapt their digital strategy consistently and who do digital marketing for a substantial period of time.

The Biggest Challenge?

The biggest challenge tends to be a lack of a powerful & strikingly creative campaign, most can’t devote enough time to the digital space, which in turn can lead to lack of engaging content. Success comes from a strong brand story - told across platforms and digital channels - one that considers target audience, USP’s and in turn offers valuable content

Deciphering the best working elements across a multi-channel approach, can be a daunting task. At Starberry we work in a collaborative manner, whether on improving the brand story, content creation, SEO or digital advertising amongst other services. We hone in on what would best serve your agency in convincing potential customers that you are the best option for their property transaction.

Who Are You?

Trevor Hames highlights that digital marketing starts with understanding your value and knowing what you stand for. As a result, you get more meaningful leads more frequently, possibly even avoiding leads your agency may not want all together.

A pretty website is never enough however neither do you need a massive marketing budget. The key lies in meaning what you're doing, this is the key to building relationships for future business.

Starberry can help you create that inspiring and relevant brand story, offering valuable content that helps you stand out from competitors and appeals to your core audience’s interests and needs,  winning you more instructions organically.

The Multi-Channel Approach

A multi-channel approach is always the most successful. However the question remains, which platforms are the best for your agency. As realised by both our clients, committing time to understanding your audience revealed the best way to create a content creation strategy and decide where it should go. Nurturing quality leads means engaging for the long haul and truly deciphering what works and what doesn’t for your agency.

At Starberry, we believe that not one estate agency is the same. Approaching clients with an open mind, we offer unique marketing strategies that maximise marketing ROI by honing in on only what works for a particular campaign, while improving or cutting the excess platforms for increased efficiency.

How We Reduce Cost Per Lead (CPL)

It’s always our goal to reduce the cost per lead (CPL) with any given campaign. We know that lead value differs for every estate agent and so we allow our client’s to define their own goals. Then we adapt a multi-channel approach that best captures your traffic at the lowest cost.

With Google Ads, Google Maps and other SEO techniques we improve the local presence of your estate agency, which yields excellent results for most estate agents.

Using social media as a funnel, we can identify new users and nurturing them with valuable content can reduce the need for an expensive marketing campaign in the future. Moreover we can run retargeting campaigns for those in the middle of the funnel, instead of using the budget on capturing new leads.

Never underestimating the power of email marketing, we create emails with engaging content supported by appealing copy. George Cobb highlights the importance of data and how open and click data from email marketing can be used in smart ways to target and engage your database.

As mentioned in the  video - “The more you know, the more you realise you should be doing”. Committing to your long-term business objectives and helping you adapt your digital marketing campaign to meet those objectives is what we do best.

If you're interested in maximising your agency’s marketing ROI and lowering cost per lead, find out more about what we do and book a meeting with us to discuss your requirements.

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