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SEO for Estate Agents: Why Should Estate Agents Be on Page 1 of Google?

SEO for Estate Agents: Why Should Estate Agents Be on Page 1 of Google?

Most people don’t scroll when it comes to Google search; they scan. That’s why ranking on page 1 of Google can make all the difference for your real estate SEO.

There is a lot to take in on the homepage of Google, and with so much competition popping up everywhere, it’s incredibly difficult to capture potential customers’ attention unless your brand is on top. 

With this in mind,  we’re rounded up incredible stats to show why ranking on Page 1 of Google should be one of the estate agents' biggest goals. 

Page 1 of Google for estate agents 

When you're not on page 1 of Google, it really means you're not getting traffic.

That's right: 99% of all searchers click on one of the links on Page 1 of Google Search and a 28.5%  click-through rate for Google’s page # 1 positions.

And if you're not there? Well, then, you're probably getting a lot less business than you should.

If your website isn't really optimised for search engines and doesn't have an active local real estate SEO strategy, you could be missing out on tons of potential customers who are searching for properties in your area - but can't find yours.

SEO for estate agents 

When someone searches Google for "houses for sale," they're looking for a house—not an estate agent. So if you want customers to find your website and call you when they're ready to buy or rent a home, it's important that your website appears at the top of the first page of search results when someone types in those words or phrases.

How do we achieve this? With a robust real estate SEO strategy tailored for estate agents’ brand goals, we optimise websites so that Google sees them as being highly relevant and useful for searchers. The result? You will rank higher in their search results and be more likely to get clicks from people who are actively looking for estate agents’ services like yours - combined with a solid SEO strategy that encompasses organic and paid search,  so the approach is comprehensive and gets the desired outcomes for estate agents.

Check these stats to learn how page 1 ranking on Google will help your estate agency.

  • One-third of people (33%) click on a paid search because it directly answers your customers’ search queries.
  • When you’re listed within the top #3 on Google Maps, your website receives more than a 30% clickthrough rate.
  • #1 organic position on Google has 28% clickthrough rate, 2nd position gets 15% while dropping to 10th position gets about 7% traffic only. 
  • 68% of all website traffic comes from Organic and Paid Searches.
  • 75% of users never click past Page 1 of Google! 

Impressive, right?

Let’s get your estate agency on Page 1 of Google.

The Google search result page is an essential place for your real estate SEO efforts. 

It’s also important to know where your competitors are ranking so that you can make sure not to fall behind them in the Search Engine Results Page.

The point is, ranking higher on Page 1 of Google has more impact on your estate agency business than you think. It provides benefits in the form of more leads, better conversion rates, lower cost per lead and more exposure for your brand.

Ready to get your estate agency on Page 1 of Google? 

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