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Smaller Investments, Larger Than Life Leads

Smaller Investments, Larger Than Life Leads

Episode 9 of the ‘Starberry Vlog’ series, joins Ben & Nitten to take a look at the most accessible methods of lead generation. By tapping into the SEO offerings of both Google & Social Ads, estate agents can maximise even the smallest of investments.

Episode 9 of the ‘Starberry Vlog’ series - hosted by Diana - explores the SEO offerings of both Google and Social Ads alongside the Google Local, all three when working in tandem generate results for lead generation. 

We understand that not every estate agency has the ability to constantly throw large sums of money at digital marketing. However we also understand that every agency wants to play at a competitive SEO level in the game that is lead generation. 

This edition of the Starberry Vlog series breaks down the most accessible digital marketing methods. Essentially the ‘lowest hanging SEO fruit’, that doesn't require large investment, but can make a larger than life difference to your lead generation. 

Trackable Advertising

An estate agency looking to invest their own finances, should look no further than ‘Google & Social Ads’ - both being accessible starting points to begin to witness measured results. Whether it is the varying detailed demographics or the actions taken by these leads, the sheer amount of trackable information allows for laser targeting. 

Paid social is a powerful tool, and even more so for agencies with their own database. As this can be exported and after matching email addresses, efficient segmenting can take place.  Look-alike audiences with similar interests or within the same area can be targeted with specifically designed ads that are more likely to convert. 

We implore estate agent’s to remain eagle-eyed with tracked information, as those using particular keywords, or even those in certain postcodes, can be marketed to more directly. Which in turn drives up the potential valuations that evolve into won instructions. 

However estate agents should completely avoid the habit of using data gathered to only-ever market properties.  Consumer needs have become more complex, they expect more. Estate agent’s should therefore use social ads to build a personality , explaining what your agency has done or has to offer outside of the catalogue - E.G: Charity work

An estate agency looking to exceed in results, should employ a healthy mix of digital marketing tactics.  After Google and social ads drive traffic, implementing the likes of ‘Google Pixel’ will allow an agency to better track actions taken on the agency website, making for better lead remarketing decisions which in turn decreases wasted investment.. 

Whether it be the ads driving traffic, lead-focused ads on specific property, or even social media posts, remember that every penny spent is being tracked,  illustrating the success of every channel and allowing agencies to better manage future digital marketing budgets.

The Underdog: Google Local 

In an era where mobile devices have become the staple, alongside the localised nature of the property industry, those looking to greatly enhance digital presence, should dive into the many aspects of ‘Google Local’. 

Fortunately, estate agents would not even need to spend £500p/m to excel within Google Local.  Updating your ‘Google Business Profile’ takes advantage of local service ads, cheaper than Pay Per Click as you DON'T  pay a fee every time someone clicks but only after they make contact through listings. 

Keeping such information readily available for localised leads can make a difference in conversion. Not only leads but Google takes into account the information provided when calculating SEO positions,  which can then impact competitive presence. 

These are just some of the basic channels that we strongly believe impact an estate agency. The advertisements pushed via both Google and social media platforms, offer highly trackable information that in turn can be used for future digital marketing decisions. The more information gathered on leads,  the deeper the understanding that an agency has for its audience.

If you're looking to better understand your leads, or take the next step in expanding your agency’s Local SEO presence, then book a meeting with us today!

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