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Starberry’s Digital Marketing Toolkit

Starberry’s Digital Marketing Toolkit

In Episode 8 of the ‘Starberry Vlog’ series, we explore digital tools such as SEO or Google Local - and software integrations - like AWR Cloud - that are used by us in creating awesome results for our clients.

Episode 8 of the ‘Starberry Vlog’ series - hosted by Diana - presents Starberry’s digital marketing tools, also available to estate agents to achieve the optimal foundation for lead generation.

In today’s world of digital marketing the ability for estate agents to stay connected to leads is better than ever. The vast amount of tools and software integrations that allow for the tracking of information, means agencies can always stay a step ahead when marketing to their audience.

Google Search Console: The Foundation of Reporting 

Even the most basic form of tracking offered by Google, should not be underestimated. The ‘Google Search Console’ is what we use at Starberry to form the foundation of many reports. This digital marketing tool by Google offers insight into estate agencies performance and traffic via the search engine.

Highlighted information such as ‘keyword rankings’ offer agencies the chance to readjust their SEO presence accordingly to take advantage of the analytics presented. Sometimes however this tool - especially when used on it’s own -  is not enough. 

Google & Local SEO: A Digital Marketing Cocktail

We recognise that Google has its limitations and so we sprinkle in some Local SEO for the best digital marketing mix!

With the industry being highly localised, estate agents can expect many leads to be generated from local search. Therefore it is key to optimise a website through common practises such as finding and implementing “local keywords” or frequently updating the ‘Google My Business’ profile page. 

Estate agents looking to achieve the best results should combine Local SEO tools with Google Analytics, allowing for comparison and in turn, better understanding. Local SEO tools such as AWR

Cloud & SEMrush offer robust tracking and reporting functionality, offering analysis on your traffic, backlinks, SERP’s, social ads and so much more. 

SEO is never enough when originating from a single source. Multiple sources of information tracking is needed to ensure the most accurate understanding of your agency’s digital performance. In turn allowing for better use of Local SEO tools such as Surfer SEO as you move forward creating high quality SEO-friendly content plans. 

The Beauty Behind AWR Cloud

AWR Cloud is a highly effective digital marketing tool that should be used by all estate agents looking to improve performance.  The software’s accuracy is reflected when efficiently locking onto phrases and terms that contribute the most to your performance, as it also has the ability to closely monitor Google algorithms.

With a frequently updated database that borderlines live tracking, AWR Cloud offers the chance for estate agents to list primary keywords and their rankings and consistently stay updated with the ever-changing positions. Furthermore with efficient Google integration, AWR Cloud can present an agency both organically or locally on  GoogleMaps, filtering by keyword phrases illustrating exactly how and when you appear to your audience. 

The Content Toolkit

After optimising your estate agency’s analytics,  you’ll need to dive into the many digital marketing tools available that help support content creation.

Frame.IO transformed the ability to collaborate on video content between estate agents and digital marketing agencies. Previously the video creation process was tedious, with the rendering and then editing back and forth taking up valuable time. Keeping everything within the platform has improved internal communication, with multiple versions of the same file being stored in one location, allowing for better tracking and management of the editing between parties. 

Canva is a tool we highly recommend to be used by everyone. Never has it been easier to create enticing pieces of engaging digital content, whether that be interactive presentations, ads or social posts. With the vast amount of features available for use, almost any type of digital advertising is at an estate agency’s fingertips. Being able to create graphic templates that can be adjusted on varying scale or the ability to create brand kits for colour scheme consistency no matter the designer,  are just a few of the features that have enhanced graphic design collaborations. 

Reporting: A Digital Understanding

After analysing current performance, producing content for your audience, it is now time to monitor all that is going on. We understand that it is very easy to get lost amongst which key performance indicators you should focus on or communicate, and so we always suggest pin-pointing areas of most impact/change. 

Prioritising what works can be done through accurate reporting methods such as ‘Facebook Suite’ or the use of the ‘Facebook Pixel’. The suite manages posts even offering the ability to schedule ahead of time, this can allow for better tracking as even post timing is taken into account. Moreover the data collected by the Pixel is highly comparative allowing estate agencies to better track leads and what actions were taken on your website after coming from a social ad.  Offering a clearer understanding and even allowing estate agencies to build specific targeted audiences for future remarketing. 

A final tool which we are very excited to present to readers, is the ‘Starberry Digital Marketing Attribution Report. Understanding that customers are exposed to multiple touch points throughout their journey has led us to create a report that greatly measures marketing initiatives across all digital fronts. 

Our report taps into all available web services or API offering your agency, analytics, and in turn pulling it all into one report for comparison. Estate agents can expect accurate lead reporting, multi-channel reporting and detailed channel performance, which can be presented as a succinct executive summary presented by a member of the Starberry team.

If you are interested in discovering more about the ever-evolving toolkit available to estate agents, then take that first step forward into the digital marketing world, and book a meeting with us right now. 

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