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The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Communication For Estate Agents

The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Communication For Estate Agents

Take your social media presence to the next level with our latest vlogs, jam-packed with tips and inspirational examples.

Firstly dive into the four ways below illustrating how estate agents can efficiently communicate their services while simultaneously highlighting brand qualities.

Then explore ‘How To Be Creative On Social Media’, offering tips for estate agents to creatively adapt their social media communication, increasing their competitive edge in grasping the online audiences attention.

Transformative Tips: 4 Focuses For Estate Agents on Social Media

In this vlog, Ben describes how an agency must offer timely current content in order to fully embrace the advantages of social media.

Stepping away from the selling focus, agencies must take their efforts further, involving all departments in social communication, not only marketing.

Take a look at these four tips, from our ‘Social Media Communications In 2021' vlog to transform your social media presence.


With current uncertainty due to the pandemic, consumers business expectations have increased and a level of transparency is expected. Consumers respect reliable information so they may act accordingly.

Being ahead of the solution curve and  offering information to help the homeowner efforts during COVID, will inevitably enhance your CRM.

Community Outreach

Building consumer trust with brand image extends beyond what you offer the consumer, what do you offer the community?

Utilise social media to highlight charity or local community support being offered. As the aforementioned uncertainty implies many landlords and tenants are needing help and agencies are well equipped to offer support (and communicate it).

Real Conversation

Once again shifting away from selling, agencies must genuinely engage on social media, manage their CRM through online customer support, communicating whether through directly or with “reshares” & “reposts”

Agencies can consider repurposing user-generated-content to increase customer involvement in turn generating “real conversation”.

Expertise With A Twist

Have Fun! Whether you're communicating factual information, your support for the community or getting involved with your online audience.

Try to stand out as an agency, tell insightful company or industry stories or have your staff social blogging, whatever your direction add a creative and personal touch to all your communication efforts.

How To Be Creative On Social Media

The number of estate agents offering diverse professional services grows, creative social communication highlights an agencies brand over the competition.

Here are the four tips we offer to agencies in one of our latest vlogs on this topic.

Snackable Mobile-First Video

In this ‘convenience’ era alongside the takeover of mobile phones, the consumers attention span has decreased while need for convenience has increased.

Short video that is time-saving and cost efficient allows agencies to really push their creativity, and grasp attention and in turn increase brand awareness.

Have Fun: Stories, Stickers, Filters

Gone are the days of wordy, bland social posts. Getting creative with the ‘stories’ feature, adding stickers or filters to posts is a given.

Not only do you stand out from the crowd but such creativity adds an element of authenticity to your brand image.

Expert content

There will always be a place for long-form content,  and getting creative with these agencies can offer a mix of short and long form content that engages and converts.

Get creative, try to present longer form content in a way that is still “digestible” or ‘convenient’. For example, Instagram has released the feature ‘Guides’ allowing for a collection of posts to be presented together.

Competitions and quizzes

These can be launched any time of the year and can cover a robust number of topics, this allows for an unprecedented amount of creativity.

Taking advantage, agencies can offer their customers an engaging format to secure prizes which once again improves customer relationships and brand awareness over the long term.

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