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Three Effective Strategies For Lead-Generation On Social Media

Three Effective Strategies For Lead-Generation On Social Media

Localised Strategy

Social media marketing for estate agents achieves better results when recognising that the majority of an estate agency’s leads will be localised. Whether they are already living in an area or searching for a new home elsewhere, the search will be focused on one individual location.  Here are a few ways you can begin to develop a localised strategy to enhance lead-generation on social media:

  • Local Property Info & News: Such content is a hallmark of a brand that knows what they’re talking about. By pushing localised content, you engage with leads, and keep your estate agency on their minds – in a highly crowded social-media space- for when they are ready to make that ‘converting-decision’ in the home-buying process.

  •  Local Communities:  Such as Facebook groups, give access to similar leads under one roof. Allowing your agency to dive straight into communication with future leads that are more likely to convert - due to maintained customer relationships.

  • Leverage Geo-fencing: A digital strategy that lets you set up a radius for potential leads to receive notifications, when searching for specific terms in a specific area. Allowing your estate agency to better connect with leads, as you know how these leads were triggered – using this to your advantage you could set up better targeted social ads.

Harness The Power of Social Media

Successful digital advertising for estate agents is becoming easier than ever, thanks to the impressive lead reach and dynamic features that make up these platforms. Understanding what each platform has to offer your estate agency, can allow you to put your best foot-forward when generating leads. Here are a few considerations to better make use of social media itself:

  • Hashtag System: Hashtags have been around for a while now and nearly every social platform has it, so there’s no reason to not get stuck in.  Strategically posting content with ‘hashtags’ pushes your content even further than without. These hashtags – especially when strategically selected- will place the right content in front of the right eyes, for that increased conversion rate.

  • Schedule Content:  Most social platforms allow you to set up content in advance to be posted later. This adds a layer of consistency to your content as you’re not scrambling to create on the spot - consistency reflecting well on the brand also. Scheduled content also gives estate agents free time to manage lead generation outside of just posts themselves – in turn allowing for better improvement in social media performance overall.

  • Profile Optimisation: Simply put, optimising your social profiles with accurate information is just better for your overall SEO position. However, by optimising your profile you also increase qualified leads, as people better understand your brand, moreover optimisation makes office contact easier.

  • Pay Per Click Ads: as you can set up the parameters of who triggers these adverts, you can more directly target leads who are actively searching.  The right advert at the right time means a higher conversion rate on social media. 

Get Creative

Last but definitely not least, get creative! At this stage, consumers have seen nearly every marketing ploy in the book, even when disguised as something else. So genuinely take some time to take a step back and figure out how your estate agency can think outside of the box when it comes to social media marketing. Taking the necessary changes to stand out from competitors, will bring an enhanced level of lead generation. Here are a few ways you can start to achieve this:

  • User-Generated Content (UGC): Such content is created by your leads themselves and it’s because of this, that such content act’s as great social proof for an estate agency. Leads are more likely to trust each other before they trust you and so estate agents can leverage UGC in order to better market the brand, and what it’s achieved.

  • Video Marketing: Static imagery is becoming less of the standard, and leads are growing to expect video content that offers a better experience of the product being marketed. Moreover, with YouTube on a fast track to becoming the platform with the most views, - it's only right that estate agents consider how they can implement video marketing tactics to tie their social platform growth to that of their YouTube.

  • Outside of The Norm:  We all know the main social media platforms used by leads, however by taking time to consider where else they may be present, estate agents can discover fresh leads in a lower competitive environment.  Estate agents may want to consider the boards on ‘Pinterest’, similarly to Instagram, this is a form of visual marketing, however by targeting the different boards, you come across leads with different needs. E.G: Leads looking at ‘city apartments’ vs those wanting something a little homelier.

These are just three simple strategies that estate agents can utilise in order to better the leads generated by social media. The localised strategy creates a powerful SEO foundation for estate agents to maintain a competitive digital presence. Social media is becoming more powerful every day and so understanding the latest in features and integrations, puts your agency in a better position in the market.

Finally, you want your estate agency brand to stand out from the digital crowd and by being consistently creative, you can achieve impressive lead generation results. If you want to learn all there is about boosting your agency’s conversion rate on social media, get in touch with us!

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