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12 Tips and 24 Examples of Awesome Estate Agent Videos

12 Tips and 24 Examples of Awesome Estate Agent Videos

If you keep hearing you should be doing video to promote your estate agency but have no idea where to start or what you should cover, you’ve come to the right place.

Video marketing for estate agents doesn’t have to be daunting. Our mantra at Starberry is: “Grab your phone and video everything!” You can then easily edit those videos and use them across your entire website and your other digital marketing channels: social media, email marketing, your proposals and other stages of your sales process. It’s that simple.

Watch my video for some inspiration and some great examples of how estate agents can use video to market their business and what kind of video marketing works best to grab attention and generate leads at different customer touch points in the property journey.

From brand stories and welcome video messages on your website homepage to video testimonials, property walkthroughs, video area guides and video bytes showcasing your team, you can easily do them yourself with the tips provided in this video.

Or you can let digital marketing experts like us do them for you. Shout out for more tips & resources on video marketing for estate agents or to find out more about our video service.

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