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Trust The Process: Nurturing & Managing Leads

Trust The Process: Nurturing & Managing Leads

Ben & Nitten connect again for Episode 10 of the ‘Starberry Vlog’ series, establishing the need for a  process that nurtures leads across the varying ‘touch-points’. 

Episode 10 of the ‘Starberry Vlog’ series - hosted by Diana - reveals exactly why estate agents should prioritise lead management. However, not simply managing leads at creation or final stage of conversion, but managing a system that nurtures leads every step of the way.

We believe estate agency’s experience the best lead-generating results over extended periods of time. Every estate agency wants to consistently generate new leads but if these same leads are then not nurtured, you're likely to lose them just as quickly. 

This edition of the Starberry Vlog series tackles the need for commitment, understanding that some leads have multiple personas and therefore multiple needs. Moreover the quality lead-integration software that exists today - Lead.Pro - that help agencies manage leads from external portals - E.G: Zoopla.

Stay Committed To The Journey

At Starberry we very much believe that lead generation isn’t simply a moment but a journey. Estate agents must be capable of staying committed to nurturing the needs of their leads overtime, and not simply at the start. 

A solid process must be established, in order for leads to be managed at every touchpoint. Having a journey that greatly caters to varying needs, will prevent leads from coming out of portals and straight into an inactive database. 

The process must be strategically supported by automations that don't leave any lead unanswered. Automated email series and newsletters, keep leads engaged, in turn maintaining that relationship for conversion. Moreover with automations - especially those supported by Lead.Pro - estate agents can avoid annoying consumers with spam and only target them with segmented emailing. 

This taps into the nurturing even more when recognising that every lead can have multiple “personas”.  An obstacle faced by estate agents, is that just a single lead could have the needs of a tenant, landlord or someone simply enquiring into the industry, and automations allow for the segmented marketing that jumps this hurdle. 

An Integrated Suite For Lead Conversion:

“55% of leads don't make it into CRM”, a digital marketing tool like Lead.Pro transforms efficiency, avoiding the loss of leads in transition from portals straight to branch. 

An integrated marketing suite supporting  estate agents in the management and more importantly nurturing of leads. 

Management is simplified as qualifications of leads are tracked across all external portals.  Key information such as who the lead is, the properties browsed and the websites - portals- they’ve come from, heavily support future remarketing.   

The diverse enquiries tracked by Lead.Pro trigger automatic responses, ensuring no stone goes unturned. Moreover the data gathered from answer’s reveals to your agency the needs and therefore “personas” of any given lead.

Looking to learn how to digitally nurture your leads, or wish to discover more about what Lead.Pro can do for your agency, book a meeting today!

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