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Vertical videos: The only way is up

Vertical videos: The only way is up

Video killed the radio star, sang The Buggles back in 1980 (does that make you feel old?), lamenting the moving image at the expense of the radio. Today, video is still killing but now it’s a potent force in digital content and as a responsive website design agency, Starberry is charting the stratospheric growth of video consumption.

There’s a big tick for those of you who are already incorporating video into your digital marketing strategy. Video immediately grabs attention, allows people to digest your message with limited effort and can be clever, entertaining and subliminal without the hard sell. Factor in the autoplay function on Facebook, and you’ll understand why marketing campaigns are finding an improved level of engagement when they involve video.

Now, can we award you a gold star to go with that big tick? For those of you who are already using video content, are you using responsive videos? You’re not? That needs to change. A responsive video is one that automatically adjusts to suit whatever device is being used. That means vertical videos are played when using a mobile device and a full screen horizontal video when someone is using a desktop. Everything adjusts automatically and the full picture is seen – nothing is chopped off.

If your video isn’t responsive, it won’t play properly and your art direction, creative thoughts, clever cinematography or tear-jerking vignette will be wasted, and your customer disengaged. It’s a massively poor return-on-investment. Having said that, if your whole website isn’t optimised to be fully responsive, you’ll be losing website traffic and failing when it comes to lead generation on a 24/7 basis. Food for thought, eh?

We can’t emphasise enough that responsively optimising your website for all mobile devices should be a cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. Portable devices are driving customer research and ecommerce. If your website and videos don’t display properly on an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle or any mobile device that’s glued to everyone’s palms, you’re waving goodbye to new custom and repeat business.

Ask us about optimising your video content and your whole website today. As a responsive website design agency, we’re ready to help. Once your website is completely responsive, we’ll help you market it through a bespoke digital marketing strategy prepared based on a careful and thorough analysis of your business needs.

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