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Video everything!

Video everything!

People recognise a brand identity by its logo, colour and fonts, but what really resonates is your brand story. Before the digital revolution, we had to rely solely on two-dimensional print media and only the big boys had the benefits of TV. 

Now you can bring your brand story to life. Thanks to the multitude of digital channels and numerous formats of video available, you can tell and show your stories to massive targeted audiences in the past and present. 

But people buy into people - the storytellers. For decades, our primary business goals have been to drive leads, to encourage customers to fill out forms, to get on the phone, visit the offices or get in a car to do viewings. 

It’s time to introduce a new primary goal, the ultimate initial business lead. The video meeting. This is one of the most powerful sales tools you will ever introduce into your business as part of your digital transformation.

The benefits are endless. Customers can instantly click to video call you and engage with a member of your team who can express themselves, their energy, build trust and begin answering their requirements at speed. 

Alternatively, they can schedule a virtually viewing directly in your calendars. This time not only will you see each other, but you can share screen and give them a virtual tour of a property. If it’s not quite right, you can present them many more properties over a very short period of time, before converting to a real-life in-person viewing, if necessary. 

Every video meeting should be recorded (with permission!) and shared with all parties, with a fully searchable automated written transcript. This will also drop into your CRM with a 100% accuracy and fuel potential artificial intelligence and machine learning.  

Buyers and tenants will love it because they’ll view more properties in a fraction of the time. Sellers and landlords will be shocked by the speed of transactions and the minimal disruptions to create the sale. 

The video meetings will transform your business overnight. Your brand stories will come alive. You will save and make more money. You’ll be empowered to recruit, train and review your teams better. You’ll meet and delight more customers faster. Work-life balance will never be so good. 

I’ve saved the best for last! You will get all of these awesome benefits, plus something extremely important - By not going to all those meetings you can dramatically improve your carbon footprint, a corporate responsibility that the Real Estate industry must now seriously embrace and play their part in. 

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