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Video reviews take the property industry by storm

Video reviews take the property industry by storm

We’re excited to have worked with our amazing partners at Kerfuffle on a revolutionary new video review system for their PropTech marketplace.

As you already know, we’re big fans of video, innovation in web design & development and projects that push the boundaries of the digital user experience. So when Simon Whale, chief kerfuffler at, came to us with the brief to refresh and give a boost of engagement to one of their key website features - the supplier review section, we were excited to get to work and implement such a revolutionary new feature for their amazing platform and a first for the property industry as a whole.

Taking the online reviews game to the next level

There’s no doubt, the future of digital marketing is video. And that goes for online reviews as well, as a form of digital content generated by users. Video reviews are a lot more powerful than written ones because they look and feel more personal, they encapsulate a more refined picture of the customer experience and hence they are more impactful in terms of building trust and engagement on your website.  

And that’s exactly the experience we were aiming for when designing the whole online review system for Kerfuffle. Using an online technology that allows us to ask, capture and display videos on the Kerfuffle website with ease, we created a dynamic estate agent/ supplier mapping system that automatically publishes a video review on the supplier page as soon as it’s been reviewed & vetted by Simon.

How do Kerfuffle video reviews work

From a user perspective, things couldn’t be easier. As an estate agent user, all you have to do is to log in to your Kerfuffle account, go to a supplier of your choice and click on ‘Add a video review’. You’ll be greeted by a video message from Simon and you’ll have a button that will allow you to record a video straight from the website.  

Take it for a spin, on Starberry’s profile on kerfuffle or any of the suppliers you work with.

Would you be interested in having video reviews on your website?

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