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Your Free Virtual Valuations & Viewings Platform

Your Free Virtual Valuations & Viewings Platform

With everyone in the property industry now working from home, it becomes critical for estate agents to put in place a virtual platform that allows them to operate remotely and to start running virtual valuations and virtual viewings immediately, to keep the show on the road.  

Free Virtual Set-up with Calendly & Zoom 

My recommendation for estate agents is to get their virtual set-up in place with 2 awesome pieces of software: appointment app Calendly and video conferencing tool Zoom

The beauty of these two combined is that it makes the whole process very easy for both estate agents and their customers: from booking a slot in the agent’s calendar to getting on the Zoom call, from any device.   

Setting up Calendly with Zoom integration takes only a few minutes and is completely free at the moment! Also, as opposed to other video communication tools that agents might have at their fingertips, this virtual set-up is a lot more useful because it saves you time before, during and after the appointments, with video recording, screen sharing and transcript capabilities readily available. 

Watch the full tutorial of how to set up your Calendly and Zoom integration right here: 

How to do Virtual Valuations 

Once you have all that set up, it’s all you need to start communicating with your vendors and landlords remotely and running virtual valuations from the safety of your own home. 

Watch this virtual valuation demo to get an idea of how you can use the virtual  set-up to run valuation appointments remotely, just as you would from your branch office and without having to step inside the property. 

How to do Virtual Viewings 

The Calendly & Zoom virtual set-up works as well to keep the conversation going with buyers and tenants who are on the lookout for a new property and to run virtual viewings. You can share your screen, walk them through multiple properties from your website, share stats and videos of local areas, properties and any other assets you have to hand. Not to mention sharing video walkthroughs done by vendors themselves in your virtual valuation appointments. 

Watch this virtual viewing demo to see how you can use video calls to sell and let property during the lockdown. 

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