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25 Spaces Real Estate

Project Strapline/ Highly Efficient SEO for a Middle East Estate Agency: 25 Spaces

The SEO strategy we crafted for 25 Spaces was highly effective in helping them achieve all their lead conversion goals. SEO copywriting for websites and content, local SEO optimisation, and strengthening SEO performance across devices are some of the techniques that contributed to the 48.21% traffic growth.

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SEO: 51% growth in traffic

Local SEO: Out of 22 keywords 12 are ranking at the top

Google My Business: 114 vs 166


With a considerable experience of nearly a decade in the property industry, 25 Spaces has successfully established its reputation as a real estate expert, now offering its distinguished services for home buyers,  landlords and investors.

Operating within the Middle East, our client needed a powerful SEO structure, proficient in driving their visibility ahead of the countless competitors. An SEO structure that not only magnified rankings but also pulled more ‘invaluable’ lead traffic.

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We brought in the best SEO blueprints to garner optimal results for 25 Spaces Real Estate.

We curated a strong support system of high calibre backlinks, across external sources. These backlinks besides pulling the traffic back into the 25 Spaces website, also upgraded on “Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness”, which is visible in Google’s Search Quality Rating Guidelines’ as an SEO ranking component.

As always, we secured cross device enhancement, and the uniformity in a quality UX works in favour of those seeking a high position on Google search pages at the same time blocking any loss of traffic

Our skilful SEO strategies such as tactical keyword copy are built to pull in organic traffic while our top performing Google Ads increase paid search traffic. Ads that employ identical keyword copy but are effectively designed to answer a user action, only appearing after a certain lead action is taken, thus creating only the most valuable leads. Finally, our bid adaptation strategy stabilises the cost for paid searches, creating an inexpensive ROI for 25 spaces.

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*Comparison Period

September ’22 - December ’22 vs May’22 - August ’22

Our SEO endeavours for 25 Spaces brought a splendid increase in both traffic 52% increase and new users to increase by 92%.

In the beginning, only 3 keywords were ranked on Google’s organic search page. Like always, we examined the highest performing keywords, strategically equalising our choices between the best and obtainable, to push 25 Spaces SEO copy ahead of the competition.

Local SEO

Our more concentrated Local SEO strategy utilised keyword planning that resulted in the top 10 keywords into 22 from 12 (improvement of 51%)

  1. Keywords ranking improvement (increased by 51%) (Top 10 keywords in to 22 from 12)
  2. Traffic improvement - (increased by 9.67%) (551 vs 610) 
  3. Valid Leads (increased by 90%) - (38 vs 20) 
  4. Conversion rate increased by 110% (6.90% vs 3.28%) 
  5. GMB Phone calls - 114 vs 166

Top 10 Local Keywords (example)

  • real estate company Qatar - 5 
  • real estate companies in Qatar  - 6 
  • real estate agents in Qatar - 5 
  • best real estate companies in Qatar - 6 
  • real estate agency doha - 5
  • best real estate companies in Qatar - 6
  • real estate agency doha - 5 
  • real estate brokers in Qatar - 5 
  • luxury real estate Qatar - 5

Organic SEO

  1. Keywords ranking improvement (increased by 94%) (Top 10 keywords increased to - 33 from 17) 
  2. Traffic improvement - (increased by 52%) (6135 vs 4033)
  3. Valid Leads (increased by 40%) - (134 vs 96) 
  4. New Users increased by 92%

Top 10 Organic Keywords (example)

buying property in Qatar for expats - 3
Qatar estate agents - 2
property management in Qatar - 3
apartments for rent in the pearl - 10

Google Ads

  1. No. of leads - (increased by 763%)  (95 vs 11)
  2. Whatsapp chat - (36 vs 1)
  3. Whatsapp property enquiry - (13 vs 1 )
  4. Whatsapp property share - (12 vs 1)

Special achievements 

  1. Conversions from Google ads and Organic SEO increased significantly after adding the Whatsapp Chat and Property Enquiry CTAs.
  • WhatsApp Chat (increased by 866%) = 116 vs 12 
  • WhatsApp Property Enquiry (increased by 320%) = 21 vs 5
  1. Overall CRO optimisation of the website increases the conversions by 50% (309 vs 206)  41% of conversions are from WhatsApp CTAs
  1. In December: A separate page and form were created to capture details of foreign investors. The page has been functioning well and received 7 valid leads in the past month.

    a. 6 from Organic search
    b. 1 from Direct search
  2. Organic website clicks increased by 117%
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