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Powerful SEO Foundation For A Multi-Brand Estate Agency

High-performing keyword and metadata copy increased traffic towards digital content. While the strategic website interface alongside mobile optimisation enhanced the UX. Moreover, our forever-present Local-SEO focus led to advantages such as a strong network of back-links. 

All resulting in a powerful SEO foundation that achieved a 1550.37% increase in organic traffic for The Acorn Group. 

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SEO: Traffic Improvement - 1,550.37% Traffic Improvement

Local SEO: 28 Out Of 40 Keywords Are Ranking Top 3 On Google Map Pack’s


From humble beginnings starting out with one branch in Grove Park, The Acorn Group has steadily grown to become the largest multi-brand boutique estate-agency group in the UK. The diverse range of estate agency’s all under one roof has led to benefits such as an in-depth shared database - beneficial for CRM objectives -  and massive marketing spending. 

A complex network such as The Acorn Group required SEO support, powerful enough to ensure high-traffic consistency across all estate agency’s web pages and social platforms. 

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Our main focus - when it came to the complex multi-branded nature of The Acorn Group - was consistency. 

The multitude of moving business parts required us to create a website that hosted diverse - sometimes complex - content while strategically guiding user’s across the many landing pages. 

Cross-device optimisation remodelling content, copy and calls to action to present a consistently efficient UX to both users and Google. In turn, decreasing potential traffic loss and improves The Acorn Group’s website structure during SEO crawls. 

As always we implemented other subtle techniques to improve our client’s SEO front. Keyword research and enhanced page speeds. 

Optimising on-page elements such as 

- Headlines 

- Metadescriptions

- Images

- URLs

- Page Data

- Geotagging 

While off-page SEO resulted in powerful backlinks being built. Backlinks that source traffic from authoritative sites while simultaneously boosting an important factor to Google rankings.

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Comparison Period

June 2019 - June 2020  VS June 2020 - June 2021

We’re proud to announce that our SEO efforts delivered a significant organic traffic increase for our client - an increase of 1,550.37%. Moreover bringing in an impressive lead-conversion improvement of 492.38%. 

Our experience working with estate agencies to build strong SEO foundations means we never forget to identify the uniquely best-performing keywords - for even a multi-branded estate agency such as The Acorn Group. 

Before our local SEO efforts in 2019,  only 4 keywords were ranked on the 1st page organically. After initiating SEO, 7 keywords out of 41 ranked top #1 position in June 2019-2020 to 13 keywords were ranked top #1 a year later. 

Key SEO Lead-Gen Results: 

- Organic traffic -   49,987 vs 460,608 

- Valid Leads - 9,021  vs 44,086 

- Valuation leads - 216  vs 1,612 

- Cost Per Lead  - £55 vs £2.015

Our local SEO strategy pushed over 50% of keywords to be ranking in top 3 positions on ‘Google Map Pack’ - 28 keywords out of 40. 

Key Local SEO Lead-Gen Results: 

- Traffic improvement - 0 vs 7320

- Phone Calls -  0 vs 15427

- Valid Leads  -  0 vs  704

- Valuation Leads - 0 vs 61   

- Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Valuation - £58.67 vs £50.83

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