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Berkshire Hathaway

Lead-Converting SEO For Berkshire Hathaway

Since launch, ‘Berkshire Hathaway Home Services’ has grown to accommodate multiple estate agencies - creating an organisation that requires a powerful SEO strategy to maintain competitive positioning across branches.

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SEO: 73% increase in Organic Traffic 

Local SEO: 15% increase in phone calls


Kay & Co originally acted as a sole estate agent, offering high-end properties to those looking to purchase within London. After a few years, they partnered with Berkshire Hathaway to create the ‘Berkshire Hathaway Home Services London’ you know today. 

BHHS London has successfully grown to become a real estate business creating an impressive impact within the property industry; so much so that in 2021 they've even adopted another estate agency - Marler & Marler.

The acquisition of more estate agencies means operational growth, increasing competition and the need for a powerful SEO position. BHHS London required a dedicated SEO team that could ensure that with every expansion came a maintained or improved rate of lead-conversion. 

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We maximised ‘Berkshire Hathaway Home Services’ (BHHS) ability to generate valuation leads by ensuring a powerful SEO infrastructure was present across all digital marketing operations. 

An all-encompassing strategy that tackled the following:

  • SEO
  • Local SEO 

Coming together to enhance ‘BHHS London’ online presence and in turn direct traffic towards the agency.


Our SEO specialists have developed powerful back-ends to support the digital marketing efforts of countless estate agency’s.
With a dedicated team like Starberry’s you can always expect the latest in SEO, strategies that improve competitive positioning through harnessing a strong online presence. 

Competitive keyword strategies ensuring your website, meta-data and content itself is taking advantage of the high-ranking keywords that your leads search for.

Websites are constructed with competitive keywords throughout, E.G: web-copy. Moreover industry-relatable content is strategically implemented across an easy-to-use UI. All working in tandem to create a smooth user-experience that reflects back onto our clients' seo-positioning- especially when being scanned by search-engines.

Such efforts resulted in the following achievements between March 2021 & April 2022 for ‘BHHS London’:

Traffic Improvement: - 7% increase

Keywords Ranking Improvement:

  1. Visibility percent increased by 70% 
  2. Top 10 keywords increased from 17 to 32

Organic Traffic: - 73% increase

Valid Leads: 28% increase

Valuation Leads: 36% increase

Cost Per Lead - £19.6

Local SEO:

Local SEO practices hone in on capturing the organic traffic generated by searches in a given area - even more important within a localised industry like the property one. Optimising keywords again, however this time utilising the most local- across both map listings and office pages.

We are skilled at connecting estate agents with their local audiences; especially those with multiple branches- as these may need differing SEO structures to ensure SEO quality is maintained in all areas of operation. 

Our focus on securing localised leads resulted in the following for ‘BHHS London’ between Mar’21 -Mar’22:

Traffic improvement - 124% increase

Phone calls - 15% increase

Valuation Leads - 50% increase

Cost Per Valuation - £30

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Our dedicated effort to continuously adapt SEO has resulted in ‘BHHS London’ receiving an impressive increase in traffic, - both on social media and their own website. The SEO infrastructure built for our client, extends their websites and their content’s reach,  increasing the overall leads connected with.

If your interested in discovering how we can help connect your estate agency with all that SEO has to offer- Get In Touch

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