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Peter Ball and Co

An Optimal SEO Strategy For Maximised Lead-Gen Results

For Gloucestershire estate agent Peter Ball & Co, we were able to produce optimal results in both SEO & Local SEO. 

Through tricks of the SEO trade such as responsive Google Ads, local link-building and optimising GMB Profile for an enhanced organic-lead funnel - we were able to create a powerful digital foundation that boosted our client’s ability to generate traffic.


Increase In Traffic Improvement


Increase In Traffic Improvement


Increase In Traffic Improvement


Increase In Traffic Improvement


Increase In Traffic Improvement

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PeterBall & Co started out as a small firm in 1993 managed by husband and wife - Peter & Linda Ball. Initially offering their property knowledge & expertise to those looking for homes in Cheltenham - Peter & Linda have grown the estate agency over 25 years to now operate with five offices and over sixty staff members.

Peter Ball & Co requested from us a digital marketing strategy that placed their estate agency at the forefront of the competition - a digital presence that enhanced both organic and paid lead-gen.

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To achieve this goal of a solid SEO foundation supportive of lead-generation, we implemented key SEO elements into both our client’s website and digital marketing.

Starberry keyword research accurately pin-points the high-performing keywords that transform your social-media marketing and website copy.  Our research reveals the top-ranking ‘terms’ being used by both leads during a search and the competition to display their businesses. With such information we can create more engaging copy for users that is also favoured by Google’s algorithm. 

We frequently provide key performance indicators to ensure our strategies remain efficient. Our dedicated reporting allows for consistent optimization on:

On-Page SEO: tweaking content and HTML source codes to enhance individual web-pages for higher ranking 

Off-Page SEO: Building a strong back-link network that uses external signals to drive traffic from other websites back to yours

Technical SEO: Website and server optimisation to ensure your estate agency is always offering an efficient user experience - an experience that gets your website indexed by search engines more effectively.

We always have a separate localised focus when it comes to SEO,  through optimising the Google My Business Profile, we make information readily available for leads to start that conversion process. Furthermore securing you a position within Google’s “local 3-pack” - we better your estate agency’s  map listing position. Moreover being a part of the pack means Google pushes your business to the forefront of local searches,  gaining you more organic traffic. 

To generate paid leads we implement responsive Google Ads that consistently adapt copy and headlines to test for different levels of engagement under different copy combinations.

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*Comparison Period

Aug 01,2021 - Aug 31,2021 vs Aug 01,2020 - Aug 31,2020

Our SEO efforts for PeterBall&Co brought about an impressive 25% traffic improvement - (6170 vs 4930) - increased organic traffic for our client meant increased lead-conversion opportunities. 

Our keyword planning greatly improved upon the baseline - where only 8 keywords were ranking. Through studying the keyword use within our clients digital-environment we successfully were able to get 21 out of 24 keywords onto the 1st page. Furthermore, pushing 18 Keywords which all ended up ranking in top #3


  • Estate agents in Tewkesbury
  • Estate agents in Bishops Cleeve 
  • Estate agents in Leckhampton 
  • Estate agents in Gloucestershire

Key SEO Lead-Gen Results

Organic traffic - 25% (6170 vs 4930)

Valid Leads - 67

Valuation leads -14

When it comes to keyword research for Local SEO goals, we successfully placed 11 out of 20 keywords in top #3 map pack.

  • Estate agents in Tewkesbury
  • Tewkesbury Letting Agents
  • Estate agents Charlton Kings
  • Estate agents Leckhampton
  • Leckhampton Letting Agents

Out of 20 high-performing Keywords, 12 are ranking on the 1st page of the google map, which is doubled as opposed to when only 6 keywords were ranking in 1st page originally.

Key Local SEO Results:

  • 40% Increase In Traffic (1570 vs 647)
  • Phone Calls - 433
  • Valid Leads -  35
  • Valuation Leads - 8

At Starberry we take pride in achieving great success while also keeping costs low even though we want the best possible SEO results for our client we don't want to achieve this at an unreasonable expense. For PeterBall&Co we were able to achieve an impressively low SEO cost per lead of £12.69 and a cost per valuation of £60.71. For Local SEO a cost per lead of £15.71 and a cost per valuation of £68.75

Estate agents looking to generate optimal results from their SEO strategies should look no further than Starberry. We take pride in what we can accomplish for estate agents with the art of digital marketing.

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