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Highly-Effective SEO For A London & Kent Estate Agency: Robinson Jackson

For Robinson Jackson we developed a highly-efficient SEO strategy that supported all their lead-conversion goals. Strategic keyword copy across both website and content, local SEO optimisation and technical SEO enhancing performance across devices are just some of the methods that resulted in an impressive 48.21% increase in traffic. 

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SEO: 48% increase in traffic

Local SEO: 22 out of 30 Keywords are ranking in the top #3 Google map pack.

Google My Business: 67% increase in phone calls


With over 50 years of experience within the property industry, Robinson Jackson has established itself as a real-estate expert - now offering a quality service to the likes of both home-buyers and landlords. 

Operating within London & Kent, our client required a powerful SEO structure capable of pushing their visibility beyond the countless competitors.. An SEO structure that not only enhanced rankings but one that brought in more ‘valuable’ lead traffic.

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When it came to Robinson Jackson we pulled out nothing but the best in SEO strategies to generate optimal results. 

We designed a strong support system of quality backlinks, across external sources. These back-links not only drive traffic back to the Robinson Jackson website but improve on “Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness” which appears in Google's ‘Search Quality Rating Guidelines’ as an SEO ranking factor. 

As always we ensured cross-device optimisation, the consistency in a quality UX works in the favour of those wanting to rank high in Google - while also preventing the loss of traffic. 

Our subtle SEO tactics - such as strategic keyword copy -  are designed to drive organic traffic while our high-performing Google Ads boost paid-search traffic. Ads that not only utilise similar keyword copy but are dynamically designed to respond to a user action, only appearing after a certain lead-action is taken - producing only the most valuable leads. Finally our bid -adjustments strategy balances out the cost for paid search, generating a cheaper ROI for Robinson Jackson.

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*Comparison Period

June 2019 - June 2020  VS June 2020 - June 2021

Our SEO efforts for Robinson Jackson led to an impressive increase in both traffic - a 48% increase - and organic lead conversion improvement of 47%.

Initially, only 3 keywords were ranked on the 1st page of Google’s organic search page.  As always we studied the highest-performing keywords, strategically balancing our choices between the best and most attainable, to push Robinson Jackson SEO copy beyond the competition. Our keyword research resulted in 6 keywords out of 31 ranking in top #1 between June 2019 - June 2020 and 14 keywords from June 2020 to June 2021. 


  • Estate agents in Barnehurst
  • Estate agents in Eltham
  • Estate agents in Greenhithe
  • Estate agents in Northumberland Heat

Key SEO Lead-Gen Results

Organic traffic -  345,309  vs 666,725  

Valid Leads - 7,307 vs 13,759 

Valuation leads - 202 vs 659

Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Valuation - £8.91 vs £2.73

Local SEO

Our more focused Local SEO strategy implemented keyword planning that resulted in 22 out of 30 Keywords to be ranked in the top #3 Google map pack.

Keywords Ex:

  • Estate agents in Plumstead
  • Estate agents in Swanscombe
  • Estate agents in Walderslade
  • Estate agents in Welling

Furthermore 24 keywords are ranking in the top #5 in the Google map pack while 28 Keywords rank in the top #10 of Google’s map pack.

For Robinson Jackson, we engaged in Google My Business (GMB) optimisation to further enhance local-traffic generation. The GMB strategy produced the following results: 

46% Traffic improvement: 110,104 vs 161,812 

67% Increase in Phone Calls - 609  vs 1,022

90% increase in Valid Leads  -2,921 vs 5,560

113% boost in Valuation Leads - 367 vs 780 

53% decrease in Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Valuation - £1.63 vs £0.76

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