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SEO For Pearl Gates

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SEO For Pearl Gates

Lead-Converting SEO For Pearl Gates

The data-driven website created for Pearl Gates was supported by contemporary SEO - resulting in a 79.18% increase in organic users in just a few weeks after launch. However a reliable but ever-evolving SEO strategy was needed to ensure high-quality traffic was generated. 

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While putting such a website isn't an easy task, finding the appropriate people or company is much more difficult. I searched for a company that specializes in developing, designing, and optimizing responsive websites. We're glad we found Starberry; they not only have excellent design taste, but they can also guide you through the process and beyond.

We strengthened our SEO results and optimized our primary website with their assistance, and they continue to implement strategies to improve our visibility &  lead conversion after launching our new site.

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Ramy Wali


Pearl Gates

Pearl Gates
Ramy Wali


Pearl Gates

Pearl Gates


SEO: Traffic Improvement - 7,267 vs 1,923 (272% increase)

Local SEO: Traffic improvement - 322 vs 49 (557% increase)


Pearl Gates is a privately owned agency that has been able to establish a strong presence in Doha,Qatar. Our client wanted a data-driven website that would generate leads most likely convert with their high end properties.

However even with the successful launch of the website;  a strategic SEO structure was required to elevate the platform itself and it’s content to a competitive positoning 

Our ever-present lead-generation focus led to an SEO strategy that generated impressive results.

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With every website we create we like to implement subtle techniques that improve SEO performance in the background. Pearl Gate’s site structure itself works to improve SEO; titles, meta descriptions, heading tags and URLS - all optimised for that top spot in search-engine rankings. 

Content on both the Pearl Gate website and social media is designed with SEO in mind. Structure, popular keywords used by our client’s audience, and even visual elements are selected with the goal of driving traffic. 

Both website and content came together to produce the following results between Mar’20 - Mar’22: 

Traffic Improvement - 7,267 vs 1,923 (272% increase)

Organic traffic - 2,932 vs 1,351 (117% increase)

Leads - 220 vs 33 (567% increase)

Cost per Lead - CPL: £7.61 Vs £32.72 (77% Reduced)

We create SEO strategies with a focus on securing localised leads as well. Within the property industry, a localised presence can boost lead-conversion due to the localised nature of most audience searches. Link-building with local directories and ‘Google My Business’ develops a strong structure of citations that push the Pearl Gate’s brand to a local audience. 

Website structure itself once again provides an advantage, the platform designed to gracefully rearrange on mobile devices- increasing UI accessibility on the most popular device used to search for real estate agents. 

Optimising maplistings and office pages with localised keywords such as Qatar estate agents magnifying local brand awareness and directly boost lead conversion. 

Focusing on local SEO, caused the following for Pearl Gates between Mar’20-Mar’22: 

Traffic improvement 322 vs 49 ( 557% increase)

Phone calls - 63 vs 28 (125% Increase)

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Our end result was an SEO strategy extending into the likes of UI accessibility = ensuring we designed a website that is held to a high standard when crawled through by Google.  

Were proud to have achieved such amazing results for Pearl Gates, an SEO strategy that dives into the localised nature of the industry is exactly what was needed to greatly increase lead-conversion.  The localised focus even pushed our client into the ‘Top 3 Map Pack’.

If you're interested in taking your estate agency’s SEO infrastructure to a level that converts, get in touch.

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